Andrey Anikin

Picture of Andrey Anikin

Date of Birth: 09/09/1927

Age: 73

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated in 1949, Institute for Foreign Trade in Moscow, in 1953, graduate of the Moscow Financial Institute. Candidate of Economic Sciences in 1953, Doctor of Economic Science since 1964. The theme of the doctoral thesis: "The credit system of modern capitalism. Study materials in the United States. " Under the same title is published as a monograph in 1964.

In 1949-1957 he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the State Committee for Foreign Economic Relations. From 1957 he worked in the Institute of World Economy and International Relations as a senior researcher, Head. sector manager. Department, Chief Scientific Officer - Team Leader. In the 1965-92 biennium. I worked part-time at the Department of Political Economy of the Economic Faculty of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov. Since 1970, he has the title of professor.

Merited Scientist of Russia (1988). Winner of the Academic Prize. NGChernyshevsky for the book "Youth Science. Life and ideas of thinkers and economists before Marx "(publications in Russian in 1971, 1975, 1979, 1985. And publications on a number of foreign languages).

The main areas of research and publications: Money, credit, banks, international monetary relations; the US economy; history of economic thought; the problem financial institutions in a transition economy. Many wrote and published in scientific and popular scientific and artistic genre, is the author of the memoirs "The men of science. Meeting with prominent economists "(1995), as well as two fiction books.

I was invited to lecture and conduct research work in a number of universities and research centers of the former USSR and other countries, including in Novosibirsk and Saratov University, Higher School of Economics in Berlin (at the time - the German Democratic Republic), the Institute for Advanced Study of the Soviet Union at Columbia University (New York, USA), University of Toronto (Canada). He was a consultant on the investment of the USSR and Russian bank "Morgan Stanley & Company" (New York and London, 1990-1994).

Other major publications: "The crisis currency sistemykapitalizma. The problem of exchange rates "(1955)," Currency issues of Western Europe "(1960)," The Political Economy of Modern Capitalism ", co-author (1970 and 1975)," Gold. International economic aspect "(1984 and 1988)." The Muse and mammon. Socio-economic motives of Pushkin "(1989)," The way of searching. Social and economic ideas to Marxism in Russia "(1990)," Protection of bank depositors. Russian problems in the light of international experience "(1997).

He wrote several articles for the Great Soviet Encyclopedia (3rd ed.), For "the Economic encyclopedia. Political Economy "and" Credit and financial vocabulary "(1st and 2nd ed.). Author of the books "Soviet Science Fiction" series