Andrew Britton

Picture of Andrew Britton

Age: 35

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Six myocardial honeymoon

33-year-old Briton Andrew Britton suffered six heart attacks because of a virus that was taken up during a wedding trip to the Maldives (Maldives). His heart rate rose to 200 beats per minute, plus started to refuse all the internal organs. Doctors had to bring 11 liters of fluid from his body when his kidneys stopped working. Today Britton enjoys a defibrillator and in urgent need of a heart transplant.

Andrew, an avid triathlete and squash player, arrived with his wife Lauren (Lauren) to the Maldives, where literally immediately felt some discomfort. He copied his fortune to the recent wedding feast and the food on the plane, but his health continued to deteriorate. Two days Britton has lost as much as 10 kg, several times came close to death, and he was taken to a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand), where connected to artificial zhizneobespecheniya.ritton says: `Finally, I came to myself and I was just confused. I pointed out a pen and paper and wrote: `` I`m going to die?. Later, I learned that I had five heart attacks in the Maldives, and the sixth had a few dney`.

When Andrew had just started to feel that it is something wrong, his wife called the local doctor, and her husband put on a drip directly into the cabin, where the newlyweds honeymoon. The next day they took a boat and came to a nearby hospital, where Britton showed irregular heartbeat. His heart beats about 200 times per minute. He received a sedative and went cardioversion.

Lauren says: `It all happened so suddenly, and it was just uzhasayusche`. Doctors warned Mr. Britton, that he would die if during the day will not get to the hospital in Bangkok to a specialist dealing with serdechnogoritma violations. Fortunately, Andrew quickly taken to the medical aircraft. It was two weeks connected to the apparatus of artificial life support.

When the state of a heavy patient was stable enough to send him home, Britton was taken to the hospital Harlfildskuyu in the north-west of London (London). He says: `I was told that I have picked up a virus that attacked my heart and caused him to ignite. Such cases are extremely redki`.

Doctors implanted defibrillator Britton with the function of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT-D) in order to monitor his heart rate. Andrew says: `In the end, I was able to leave the hospital and stayed at home for seven weeks. But because there was an attack in the shop `Tesco` I returned nazad`.

Britton underwent eight hours of open heart surgery. He was implanted auxiliary artificial ventricle, which draws blood into the aorta and send. To date, the state of Andrew satisfactory. He is in the hospital awaiting heart transplantation.

His wife, Lauren, an employee of the personnel department, visits him every day after work. They dine together. Spouses of actively urging people to become donors who would like to help all those who are faced with the same tests as Andrew. Britton says: `In spite of all that happened, I think I was lucky. I have a wonderful family, and I have met people who showed me that the world is full of people who care about chuzhestrantsah`.

When Britton recover fully, he hopes to become a champion squash at World Transplant Games, the Olympic Games for people with transplanted organs. These games are designed to demonstrate the success of transplant surgery and to raise awareness of how important it is to continue to develop transplantology.