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The artist, who gives his paintings the sea

Andres Amador - an amazing artist who paints a rake on the sand. Thus, the conventional rake Amador manages to write on the sandy beaches shapes and patterns by simply striking in its scale. However,And that is not all. So, Andres works only at low tide, fully aware that at high tide it works, alas, wash with water.

In order to choose a ` holst`, Andres Amador uses the Google Earth application. So, its best beaches he finds it on the Internet, and then quietly wait for the full moon ,to be sure that the tide is low enough. Andres then picks up his main working tool of the artist - and large rake leaves ` pisat` his paintings. By the way, after he is considering carefully all of his work - sketches, geometric calculations and sketches he carefully puts the album,and the beach comes with ready-made calculations in my head and on paper.

Sometimes his designs have a clear geometric form of a circle, sometimes it`s just bizarre divorce sometimes - flowers and zigzags. All of them, however, live very long - with the tides masterpieces Amadora disappear forever.

Most often Andres works alone ,but in some particularly large projects it helps a few people. By the way, the biggest of his paintings are about the size of 100x150 m.

The fact that the sea carries with him his creations, Amador did not regret - especially he appreciates the process of creation. Work barefoot on the beach - Andres loved it more than anything else. Andres Amador about 40 years, he is a native of San Francisco (San Francisco), a perfect beach, he found one not far from the house. Themes of his work, he is everywhere - it may well inspire a crack in the dirt, the ripples on the water, web, or sand dunes.

It should be said ,that Amador - is not the only artist of this kind - in the world there are a small community of people who draw on the sand at low tide. In general, the scourge of art is becoming an increasingly popular genre of art.

Photographs of the works Andres makes dominant - he has to do everything quickly, until the stubborn tide did not reach its Arts.Some of the works of Andres really able to capture the imagination - whatever the calculations on paper, you can not imagine how you can put them into such a shifting material as sand. Whatever it was - a rake, a sandy beach and tide - these are the three main components necessary to this amazing artist. And then he starts to tirelessly write their amazing figures, which soon turned into intricate patterns. Alas, enjoy this original art falls very short time - picking up closer with each passing minute, the sea becomes their main and sole owner. The next morning Andres Amador has once again stands on the pure ` holste` with their constant rake and amazing new art projects in my head.

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