Andrej Beketov

Picture of Andrej Beketov

Date of Birth: 11/26/1825

Age: 76

Citizenship: Russia


Upon graduation in high school he entered the Faculty of Oriental languages, but with a 2-year left the university and decided (1842) to military service as a cadet in the Life Guards regiment of Chasseurs. Soon, however, he retired and moved to Kazan and joined a volunteer in the natural discharge of the Kazan University, which is famous for its scientists then forces (Claus Wagner, Eversmann, etc.). Together with AN listened to lectures and his brother, Nicholas (now Academician), AM Butlerov and NP Wagner. According to a university course (1849), Beketov went to Tiflis, where he took a position teaching natural science in the gymnasium there. In 1853 Beketov in St. Petersburg received a Master of botany for the essay about Tiflis flora. Soon Beketov moved to Moscow, where he defended his thesis "On the morphological relations leafy parts among themselves and with the stem" (1858). The following year Beketov took the chair of botany at the University of Kharkov, and in 1861 moved to St. Petersburg, where he was elected an extraordinary professor in the Department of Botany. At the initiative of Beketov arranged botanical garden at the University. His long-term professorship Beketov contributed to the emergence of a number of Russian scientists botanists, many of whom now have zanimayutuniversitetskie department. Beketov Teaching is dedicated not only the university, but also higher female rates. Beketov also took a very active part in the Congress of Russian naturalists and physicians, which has repeatedly been elected as chairman. Apart from the aforementioned master and doctoral theses, it should be noted: "The course of botany for university students" (... St. Petersburg, Part I, 1862 - 64, Part II, 1871; new edition, 1869) - the first time a full systematic textbook of botany; "Textbook of Botany" (St. Petersburg, 1882 -. 85). Then Beketov owns a number of popular scientific works, as follows: vyderzhavshayamnogo publications - "Conversations about the earth and the creatures" (St. Petersburg, 1864 - 79.); "From the life of nature and people" (1870); "Conversations about animals" (1885); "The main edible fungi and harmful" (1889). In addition, Russian scientific literature owes Beketov translations of many large Western European natural-scientific writings (Schleiden, Huxley, Lyuben, de Bari, Jaeger, Grisebach, Rosmesslera et al.). Beketov was one of the editors of the 82-volume "Encyclopedic Dictionary" Brockhaus-Efron, which published a series of articles on botany. Full list of works and a detailed curriculum vitae Beketov cm. In II m. "Critical-biographical dictionary" SA Vengerov.