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shot in the stomach under the water

To demonstrate the basic property of Physics, Norwegian physicist Andreas Val tied himself to a pipe sticking out of the building, at a height of nearly 14 meters from the ground.

The only thing that kept daredevil fall and the real possibility of a cripple, was wrapped around the cable with a weight attached to the other end.

Actually, at the beginning of the experiment the weight secured to the building. When Andreas colleagues released the weight in free fall, physicist, he immediately began to fall to the ground ...

While Val experiment may seem risky, in fact, this idea is completely safe. This ensures the safety of the most fundamental property of physics called the centripetal force.

Falling physicist rushed down under the force of gravity, but the weight - iz-za placing some distance from Andreas - began to describe an arc in the air like a swinging pendulum.

Everything happened exactly as described for the first time in the 17th century, Isaac Newton (Isaac Newton). The centripetal force causes the body to follow the curved line. In the case of Wahl, tension forces are applied to the cable.

Gravity weight dragged downwards, whereas the tension on the cable weight attracted to the central point - pipe. As a result, the weight began to describe the movement of the arc.

Continuing to rotate in the air, the weight began to be wound around the pipe. Iz-za conservation of angular momentum (momentum of motion) - the same effect that allows skaters spin faster as they pull their hands to themselves - the movement around the pipe accelerates as reducing the length of the cable between the pipe and a pair of such movements vesom.Cherez cord wrapped around pipe enough to stop a further decline Andreas a few meters above the ground.

One important note. The friction between the cable and the pipe, and the elasticity of cable, allowed the incident Andreas decelerate during fall gradually. By smoothing the sharp movements physicist could feel when it`s stop. If the fall stopped abruptly at the time, then Val could get seriously damaged.

In any case, do not try to repeat themselves like that. And especially do not repeat the experiment next Norwegian - with a gun under water.

Norway`s NRK videotaped when Val shot himself in the stomach with a machine gun, which was under water in the pool.

Firearms were found on a special tripod. The physicist sat a few meters away from the machine at the bottom of the pool. The trigger was tied rope, for which Andreas and pulled. There was a shot ...

Nothing happened to the men. Water, unlike air, is a more dense medium. `Create movement in the water is more difficult than in the air, because the water molecules are arranged closer to each other than vozduha` molecules - was said in the video. For this reason, the speed of the bullet falls sharply almost immediately after the shot. In the case of Wahl, even the bullet did not reach him.

Amateur demonstrate the laws of nature by means of his own body, Andreas has provided new food for thought, at least, fans of blockbusters. The scenes where the characters are trying to escape from the bullets by jumping into the water, is not meaningless.

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