Andreas Dulson

Picture of Andreas Dulson

Date of Birth: 01/27/1900

Age: 72

Place of Birth: County Novouzensk

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the family of the Volga German colonists. As a young man fond of archeology (the interest which retained until the end of life), participated in the excavations of Scythian burial mounds; He taught in primary schools Saratov province, in charge of the children`s home. In 1924 he entered Saratov State University, from which he graduated in 1929. Since the mid-1920s. intensively engaged in German dialectology and the teaching of the German language in various schools of the then Autonomous Republic of the Volga Germans. In 1934 he defended his thesis, in 1940 - a doctoral thesis (both works are devoted to describing dialektovpovolzhskih Germans); Dulzon work was highly appreciated by VM Zhirmunskii. Since 1940 - Professor of the Saratov Pedagogic Institute.

In 1934, he was arrested on charges of "counter-revolutionary activities", but a year later released. In October 1941, an ethnic German, was deported to Siberia (with deportation has been irretrievably lost its dialectological filing). Was in Tomsk on spetsuch