Andrea Henry

Picture of Andrea Henry

Age: 27

Place of birth: Nottingham

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Eight miscarriages and three healthy children

Heartbroken, the now 27-year-old Andrea Henry of Nottingham (Nottingham), lost all hope of realization of his dream of becoming a mother.

Doctors were able to establish the cause of her miscarriages. Healthy pregnant women undermined the state, leading to the growth of cysts on the ovaries. Specialists advised to remove the reproductive organs. Feeling completely devastated, Andrea took medical advice and agreed to undergo surgery.

When came the day of sterilization, Henry simply ran away from the hospital at the last moment, not wanting to put up with the thought that she will never know the joy of motherhood. Eight years later, the woman was struck not only others, but also the entire medical world, which learned that Andrea brings three healthy children. Today her daughter Cayden Lee - seven years, Jessica - five, and son Thomas - three.

Happy Briton said: `All I ever wanted in my life, it is to be a mother. When I lost her first set of twins, my whole world collapsed. But I refused to give up. Even when grief after seven consecutive miscarriages nearly killed me, I do not otstupilas`.

In 2006, when Henry was nineteen, she lost her twins in the third month of pregnancy. Crushed tragedy devushkapopytalas conceive again. After two months in her womb began to develop new fruit. However, in the eighth week of pregnancy suffered another miscarriage.

Andrea says: `I could not believe that it happened again. I started to worry, thinking that something is tak` with me.

Doctors Medical Center in Nottingham, according to Henry, were confused. They just kept repeating to her that these things happen, and that she should try to get pregnant again.

After that Andrea for two years happened five miscarriages. In 2007, when a woman was twenty, test results confirmed that she was the victim of ovarian cysts. This cyst completely cover the surface of her ovaries.

Experts said that mothers with this condition is unlikely to ever be able to carry a child full term.

`The doctors told me that I have no problems with conception - says Henry. - But I was told that I could never have children, and that my future pregnancy also end vykidyshem`.

`I was in a state of deep depression. Stress almost knocked the ground from under my feet. I was confused when doctors suggested me to sterilization. Still, I reluctantly admitted his porazhenie`.

As sad day, kogdaAndrea had to part with their reproductive organs, the patient simply ran away from the hospital, refusing to believe that she would never be able to become a mother.

Ironically, escaping from the clinic was the best decision of her life.

`I just could not go through with it, - said Henry. - I do not want to lose nadezhdu`.

In this difficult period for themselves woman met the man of her dreams, Ebbernom Daniel, now 27-year-old, and they decided that Andrea should try to give birth again.

Hopes for a benevolent outcome was not enough. Pregnant Andrea experienced by the time not only because of the cysts, but which developed due to her lupus.

In an effort to somehow influence the situation, the future mother is excluded from your diet fatty foods and caffeine. It provided good food your body and tried to relax as much as possible.

Five months in a row, Andrea sat on the painful injections to his stomach, which had to counteract erythematosus and thin the blood. Total 150 injections were made.

Despite all the complications and unfavorable forecasts, Henry in April of 2008, finally, to fully experience the joy of motherhood. At 39 weeks` gestation, was born a healthy baby Kaiden Lee, which weighed 3.290 kg.

`Our dreams came true, and I`m so glad that we have never ceased verit` - said Kaiden`s mother, Lee.

`From the life I wanted only one thing - to be a mother. I was literally drowning in love when I first held her in his arms doch`.

But the miracles did not stop. Two years later, Andrea gave birth to another daughter, Jessica, who at birth weighed 4 kg. In April of 2012 she was born a son, Thomas. All the children were healthy.

Henry said: `My faith in themselves challenged not only to the doctors, but also the views of my friends and my family, who were also convinced that I can never have a biological detey`.

`I am so glad that did not pass the planned sterilization. Now, when I embrace my three beautiful children, I remind them that they are - the result chuda`.

How, then ovarian cysts affect procreation? Fertility Problems can cause endometrioid ovarian cyst - a pathological cavernous formation on the surface of the ovary.

Some women with fertility problems caused by PCOS. It`s about polycystic ovary syndrome - a condition characterized by the presence of multiple small cysts in the ovaries, irregular periods and high levels of certain hormones.