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Date of Birth: 01/22/1775

Age: 61

Place of birth: field near Lyon

Citizenship: France


Ampere was born January 22, 1775 in a field near Lyon in an aristocratic family. He received education at home. With 14 years of reading the Encyclopedia of Diderot and Zh.D`Alambera, I became interested in the natural sciences and mathematics, and studied mathematical works of Euler, J. Lagrange and Bernoulli, and in 18 years - celestial mechanics P. Laplace and analytical mechanics J. Lagrange.

From 1796 Ampere gave lessons at Lyon in mathematics, chemistry and languages. In 1801 he got a job as a teacher of physics and chemistry at the Central School in Bourg-en-Bresse. In 1804, after the publication of a small, but which had the success of the Reflections on the mathematical theory of games (Considrations sur la thorie mathmatique de jeu), and completion of a series of experiments with electrical machines Amper joined the Lyons Lyceum, and a year later received an invitation to lecture in mathematics from the Polytechnic school in Paris. In 1809 Ampere became professor of the Ecole Polytechnique, and in 1814 was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences. Then zheucheny began to research the connection between electricity and magnetism (this range of phenomena called the Ampere electrodynamics).

September 11, 1820 Ampere was present at the meeting of the Academy, which reported on the opening of H.Erstedom electric current on a magnetic needle. After the corresponding experiments, the scientist after a few days presented the first important results he received the Academy: he formulated a rule for determining the direction in kotoromotklonyaetsya arrow near the conductor with current (usually Ampere), the law of interaction of electric currents (Ampere`s law). Subsequently developed the theory of magnetism, according to which the basis of all magnetic interactions are circular molecular currents (Ampere`s theorem). Thus, he first pointed out the close relationship between the electric and magnetic processes. In 1822 Ampere discovered the magnetic effect of the coil with a current - solenoid.

Died Ampere in Marseille June 10, 1836.

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