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Date of Birth: 10/21/1958

Age: 58

Birthplace: Sochi

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Who invented graphene?

Andre Geim was born in the family of Konstantin Geim and Nina Nikolayevna Bayer; in his veins flowed the proportion of parents of German blood, but because of the name Andrew many considered a Jew. Some relatives Heim - in particular, his father and grandfather on the father - spent a lot of time in the Siberian camps.

In 1965, Geim moved to Nalchik, where Andrew got to school with intensive study of English. After high school, Andrey Geim tried to enter the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, but failed twice; there is reason to believe that the reason for the failure of Andrew became his nationality. Later, Heim has submitted documents to the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute; where he was admitted.

In 1987, Andrew became a PhD; He worked on his thesis at the Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences solid. Later Game admitted that returning to the past, would have preferred to study astrophysics or particle physics, but at that time, and solid-state physics it quite suited.

Some time Game conducted research at the Institute for Microelectronics Technology, RAS; after 1990, he spent some time in Nottingham (Nottingham), Bata (Bath) and Copenhagen (Copenhagen). Work abroad Geim liked; like Andrew himself admitted, in the same Nottingham he could devote more time to research, without wasting time on internal conflicts and disassembly. Around the same time Andrew and set about trying to leave the country.

In 1994, Andre Geim was appointed assistant professor at the University of Nijmegen (Radboud University, Nijmegen); later he was able to obtain and Dutch citizenship. At that time, Heim studied Konstantin Novoselov, who became later his principal colleague and research partner. Alas, the Dutch Science Heim disappointed - on closer examination, it also proved to be highly hierarchical and full of parochial politics.

In 2001, Game became a professor of physics at the University of Manchester (University of Manchester); in 2002 he was appointed Director of the Manchester Centre mezonauki and nanotechnology. After some time his wife moved to Manchester and co-Heim, Irina Grigorieva; later followed by the teacher and Novoselov.

Among the many research Geim droops best known for his work on the release of monatomic layers of graphite (called graphene); engaged in these studies, Andrew K., together with colleagues from the University of Manchester and the Institute of Microelectronics Technology RAS. The results of his research team published in October, 2004. Designed their material was both the thinnest and one of the strongest materials in the world; among other things, he was considered a promising replacement for silicon - uses as many useful substances were found.

It has brought the work on graphene Geim and Novoselov the Nobel Prize in physics.

I tried to force Game in other areas - so, for the study of magnetism and diamagneticheskoy levitation (and some experience with a flying frog) Andrei K. was in 2001 Ig Nobel prize. Game became the first scientist to have received and the Ig Nobel and the Nobel Prize; he argues that equally proud of both awards - and that `Shnobelevka` for it is primarily a demonstration of his own ability to understand jokes.

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