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He is better known under the pseudonym of Andre 3000. error status: 400In addition to musical creativity actively in films, is developing its own line of clothing and is producing musicals.

Andre Benjamin (Andre Benjamin) was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in East Point. Youth Andre was full of various events. He became acquainted with interesting people ,who had a great influence on his outlook and further creativity. While studying at the school of Andre took violin lessons. His mother wanted him to be grown clever and intelligent young man.

In 1991, Andre with a school friend Antvanom Paton organized repersky duo called "OutKast".Pervyykontrakt they concluded with the record company "LaFace". In 1993, for beginning musicians come true success. Their composition "Player`s Ball" became a hit, conquered the hearts of millions of people. Each year the band became more recognizable to them were often writing papers, and critics gave positive reviews. In 2000, Andre Benjamin (Andre Benjamin

) And his friend was waiting for a turning point. At the end, it was found not only fans of rap, but also by other students. At the time, the guys have already released 4 albums.

Crown song from the album "Stankonia" became "Ms. Jackson ". Track circled the entire world, and all received due recognition. In 2003, Benjamin with Paton released the album "Speakerboxxx / The Love Below". He imelglushitelny success, forever making these American rappers elite performers.

"OutKast" group repeatedly received prestigious awards and prizes. Their clips and songs often have the highest accolades from the world`s most prestigious critics.

After becoming famous ,popular and rich Andre Benjamin (Andre Benjamin) began to be implemented in other areas, in addition to music.

In 2007, he was seriously engaged in the creation of their own musical. Andre is not only going to produce this project, but he wanted to play the role of the main character.

He also starred in a number of interesting films. Among them, " Revolver "" Battle in Seattle " and " My Life in Aydlvaylde ".

Just rapper actively promoting his own line of men`s clothing. She received the name "Benjamin Bixby"

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