Anders Behring Breivik

Picture of Anders Behring Breivik

Date of birth: 13.02.1979

Age: 37

Place of birth: Oslo

Citizenship: Norway

Will Do to freedom of Anders Breivik?

Place of birth of Anders Behring Breivik - Oslo (13 February 1979). Father of the future terrorist diplomat Jens Breivik, left the family in 1981. However Wenke Behring Anders` mother, who lived with the year-old son and his half-sister, nothing needed - despite the modest profession of nurse, the family lived in a prestigious area tion itself Anders attended two elite schools. The mother and father of Anders Breivik held very leftist - were both adherents DNA Norwegian Labour Party (whose members were the organizers of the youth camp, which took place the massacre). Anders himself in his youth never experienced racial prejudice, his friend was a boy from a family of Pakistani immigrants, with whom he painted graffiti. In 15 years, Anders Breivik on his own initiative, was baptized in the Protestant faith and became interested in politics. He graduated from high school and Handelsgymnasium management, he said, received a master`s degree. Breivik was in the army, where he learned to shoot, and changed a lot of jobs - from the vendor manager and employee of the bank to the private owner of the company for processing and storing information. At the same time stories of Breivik about his career, earning money and serving in the army have a significant discrepancy with the official data. His mother was by this time married officer Tolarsena Tula, and a lot of hurt, relationship with his father Anders rarely supported. He began to stick to the extremely right-wing and entered the youth faction, and then into the main part Fremskrittspartiet right-wing party, and as its representative running for a number of municipal posts. In addition, Breivik became a member of the Masonic Lodge Johannes Lodge Soilene, and according to him, even a member of a secret organization of the Templars, where he took the name Sigrud and raising funds for the publication of the works of this organization. he presented himself as a radical nationalist, spoke sharply about the doctrine of multiculturalism and Muslims living in European countries, accusing them of supporting `Al Kayedy` and the destruction of traditional European culture. Gradually Breivik became openly about the unacceptability of democratic practices and openly call for armed struggle against the Muslims and Marxists. Simultaneously Breivik joined a pistol club in Oslo and graduated from hunting courses. He was actively involved in many Internet communities, first of all, it is the right of political portal Document.no and Swedish fascist forum `Nordisk`, talked with representatives of the anti-Muslim organizations of Great Britain, in particular,` English Defence League` and `Stop the Islamification of Europe `. Over time, Breivik began to depart from and preached to them earlier Christian principles, liberalism, criticizing the priests. Neighbors and acquaintances Breivik mentioned his love of paramilitary outfits, but all unanimously called it a very calm and friendly man. Subsequently, the presence of our own farm has allowed the terrorist to carry out the procurement of high doses of fertilizers that were used for the production of explosives to them. At the same time, Breivik was engaged in collecting e-mail addresses of their associates and, as a member of a pistol club and a certified hunter received a permit to own a firearm. He purchased the Glock semi-automatic pistol, and a rifle and a semiautomatic rifle, independently modified the charges to make them rupture and even thought to put on these toxic substances. In addition, Breivik has made a large number of explosives.

The beginning of a terrorist act was the creation of Anders Breivik`s own blog on Twitter, on which he placed a single philosophical quote. It was July 17, 2011. July 22 posted in a terrorist network document of fifteen hundred pages, entitled `2083`. In it, he called on behalf of the Templars to fight leftist currents, Islamization and `chistkami` ethnic Norwegians. In the document it was stated that Breivik is the author of only half of the text, and the other half is compiled, in particular, of the statements of the terrorist Ted Kaczynski. Video outlining the `2083` and` call to martyrdom methods borby` Breivik has also been posted on Youtube. A few hours later, in the center of the Norwegian capital exploded parked mikrovtobus `Folksvagen`, inside which a terrorist has laid explosives. 8 people died and dozens more were wounded. Two hours after that Breivik, wearing a police uniform and with a fake identity, he moved to the island by ferry Uteya where the youth camp was located. Under the pretext of instruction on safety in connection with the explosion in Oslo, he gathered young people having a rest there and began to shoot at them. The shooting lasted for half an hour, as long as the police drove up not detain the offender, who did not resist. Total of Breivik`s hand 151 people were injured and killed 77. The offender received the maximum term stipulated Norwegian law - 21-year prison sentence with a right of renewal. Since liberation is possible only if it will not be a danger to society, lawyers believe that Breivik will extend the period before his death. At the moment the offender complains of the conditions of his imprisonment (three-camera with gym) and intends to receive correspondence degree in `politologiya`.