Anatoly Papanov

Picture of Anatoly Papanov

Date of Birth: 10/31/1922

Age: 64

Place of birth: Vyazma

Citizenship: Russia

One woman - one theater

Author: Vladimir Gribanov

Website: Celebrities

Singed by the war

A few weeks ago we could celebrate the anniversary of Anatoly Dmitrievich. He was born in October 1922 in the city of Vyazma, conventional parents - father and mother of the future famous actor were workers. In the 30 years the family moved to Moscow, where Tolia started in the school drama club that discourage him from the bad influences of the street. After school he went to work at a foundry factory, while attending drama school in the factory club. But then the war started, and Anatoly Papanov went to the front.

The first days of the war were difficult for our army and tragic. Young, neobstrelyannye recruits go to hell. `Is forget how, after two and a half hours of battle of the forty-two men remained thirteen` - Papanov recalled later. This time he will play many, many years, one of the brightest and most significant of its roles - General Serpilin in the film adaptation of the novel Simonov `Living and mertvye`.

In early 1942, Anatoly Papanov was seriously injured, almost six months had been treated at the hospital and was the reserve of disability - he robbed two toes. He returned to Moscow and have decided to become an artist, entered the GITIS. There he met a classmate Karataeva Hope, who also had time to visit the front - a nurse in a hospital train. They married ten days after the end of the war - 20 May 1945.

After the institute Anatoly Papanova invited to work at once on three scenes from Moscow, but her husband was assigned to the Russian Drama Theatre Klaipeda and Papanov left with his wife in the Baltic states. There they worked for one season, and in 1948 again returned to Moscow - in the Theater of Satire, where Papanov played until his death. `I - one-woman man, one woman, one teatr`, - he said about himself.

From comedy to tragedy

The first few years in the Theater of Satire in Papanova was not great and notable works. He passed unnoticed and he made his debut on the silver screen - a small role in the film `Composer Glinka`. It was only in 1954 Papanov got a real job in the theater - the role in the play `Kiss fei`. In those days he had a daughter. `This is my happiness Lena prinesla` - claimed the actor.

Soon he was at the theater one of the most exciting newcomers. About him talking. Then finally we paid attention to it, and filmmakers. The first to offer Papanova interesting job in the movie proved Eldar Ryazanov. He gave the actor in the eccentric comedy `Man niotkuda` two roles - modern rascal scientist and leader of the tribe` lyudey` snow. It happened in 1961.

However, in the film circles artist with an inimitable sense of humor was well received - in the 60 years Anatoly Papanov removed a lot, in the most raznyhrolyah and genres. This is - a psychological drama `Our dom`, film story about scientists` I`m going to grozu`, lyrical comedy:` `Come and zavtra` Children Don Kihota`, satirical comedy` Give Me a Complaints knigu`, religious paintings are now: `Beware avtomobilya` and `Diamond ruka`. Apart in this series is the film `Live and mertvye` where Papanov convincingly shown that he can play not only everyday images and comedy, but the tragedy of the characters.

Unfortunately, the role of high drama and tragedy, in practice, the actor walked side. Only by the end of the life of Anatoly Papanov he played a central role in the famous extremely topical drama `Cold Summer fifty tretego`. But the enormous popularity of the artist brought the dubbing of cartoons. The unique patter Papanova liked by the audience of all generations in the cartoon series `Well, wait a minute! `.

In 1970, screens out the picture `vokzal` Belarus, where the actor once again proved that he can play great dramatic roles. But the public and the directors expect from him humor, comedy, laughter. Do not take this Papanov could not. However, the comic roles he was not depressed. It is with equal pleasure and talent played in comedies: `Odinozhdy odin`, Pena`` `Incognito from Peterburga`,` Twelve stulev` and dramas: `bad good chelovek`,` The city S.`, `Engineer Graftio` `zhelaniy` time ...

Cool August 87 th

In zhizniAnatoly Papanov was a simple, kind and honest man. Many times he was called to join the Communist Party, promising rewards and titles. But he refused. Since childhood Papanov was a believer all my life to visit the temple. Very close friends he was a little, all the time, Anatoly Papanov gave family and work.

In his youth Papanova almost ruined vodka. Several times he threw a drink and started again, and finally gave up alcohol after his mother`s death. Popularity displeased him. Before leaving the country, Papanov dressed in the usual jeans, a simple shirt to avoid being found out, and traveled alone for places near Moscow on a bicycle.

Apart from frontline wound which tormented Papanova whole life, to health, he did not complain. You could swim in the cold autumn water. It worked. In the summer of 1987, he began acting, as it turned out, in his latest film. It was one of the first perestroika years of Stalin`s repressions, about our past - `Cold Summer fifty tretego`. The theater at that time was on tour in the Baltic States. After playing their roles on tour, Papanov returned to Moscow.

In early August, the apartment did not have hot water. Excited Papanov stood under the icy shower, and his heart was not sustained. House no one was buried ... Anatoly Dmitrievich Papanova at Novodevichy Cemetery.