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Date of Birth: 1967

Age: 48

Place of birth: Moscow

Anatoly Komm - the creator of a new Russian catering

The tortuous path to glory

Hereditary Muscovite Anatoly Komm was born in 1967. The problem faced by his parents, is familiar to many first-hand - the child was very picky about food, but what was offered in a kindergarten, flatly refused. Anatoly learned to play the piano, and later attended a major specialty geophysics. Already in high school, then a student, he prepared good for himself and happily entertained his comrades; but subsequent military service has become a real test of hunger. Anatoly admitted that six months or by crook to earn his food anywhere except the soldier`s dining room, and at night prepared for all colleagues. Komm first work related to computer business, was quite successful and allowed him to become a co-owner in the company`s stock `Novik`. Among his significant projects of the nineties - the creation of multi-brand mall `Kuznetsk most`, presentation in Moscow of such brands as Dolce Gabbana`` `Prada`,` Versache`. By this time include cooking and practical training - Anatoly Komm in a pleasing restaurant he paid the chef for the right to get acquainted with the work in the kitchen, and among his teachers was even street Kuker from Hong Kong.

The first project gastronomic trends has become `Palazzo di Spagetti` (1997.), And then the restaurant` Grin` (2001), specializing in Catalan cuisine. Chef it was considered non-existent Jesus Derville, and in fact this position was held by Anatoly Komm, already offer an unusual manufacturing techniques dishes.

The real triumph for Anatoly Komm began in 2004, when the restaurant `Grin` in Lausanne, where he was officially listed as the positions of the chef, was awarded in Michelin Red gide`` and of Anatolia made a list of `100 best chefs world`, recognized `best foreign povarom` according to the government of Parma and` best chef Pemonta` government. After receiving the confirmation of his skill, Comm returned to Russia, Moscow has renamed `Grin` in` Anatoliy Komm`, and offered to Muscovites something hitherto unseen - molecular cuisine.

Symphony of color, shape and taste

As applied to the culinary name stands for `molekulyarnaya` cooking technology relating to physical and chemical processes occurring at the molecular level. The form and structure of the conventional products are changing beyond recognition, and flavors are recognizable. Among the culinary techniques such cuisine - treatment with liquid nitrogen and inert gases, vacuum, centrifugation, and many other high-tech processes. Polytechnic education Anatoly Kommai his good knowledge of chemistry give him reason to believe that the modern art of cooking is not possible without knowledge of the laws of physics and chemistry. Familiar dishes prepared by molecular methods, get a fantastic view - soup looks like foam or floating in beet broth two balls (one of them is the taste of smoked bacon, and the other - the bone marrow), pink ice cream is horseradish with beets, and the air mousse - vinaigrette. Food plays raznotsvetem paints and explode on the tongue taste symphony, giving new meaning to the metaphor of `glazami` there, and turn routine food intake procedure in the play (it was under this name Comm organizes dinners at their restaurants). All the ingredients of food produced in Russia (as the chef is proud to announce the menu). Of course, this food is not cheap, and some people are very critical of it, but many receive from molecular cuisine great pleasure that he chef defines as a mixture of astonishment with the physical pleasure. Anatoly Komm believes that aesthetic taste perceptions should be developed in the same way as other forms of art, and that by means of taste can affect the heart, soul, and even the mind; while the lack of dining experience of our compatriots compensated rich cultural heritage, a high level of art and science in Russia.

Currently, Anatoly Komm owned restaurants Kupol` `,` Barvikha Hotel & Spa`, and a religious institution as `Varvary`. Under the provocative title hides a restaurant, which in 2011 ranked among the 50 best in the world. Sam the chef spends a week five dinners, performances, where the menu has not been disclosed in advance, but in the process of food provides a detailed explanation of what made a particular dish.

In 2012, Anatoly Komm has started a new project, designed for 5 years - `Gastronomic puteshestvie`, which will be held in different countries on five continents. The purpose of this project - representation of Russian cuisine in the best restaurants in the world, as well as master classes.

The latest brainchild of Comma is opened in February 2013 Ekaterinburg restaurant European trend `Brasserie De Luxe`. The new institution has received an unusual retro-name `1` restaurant number, which is the chief himself explains how the reference level and the reference point. Concept of the new institution Anatoly Komm is a combination of traditional cuisine restaurant (salads `Tsezar`, burgers, steaks), the best dishes of the Moscow and Geneva` Grina` (Olivier quail, grill menu, including iconic probe veal), as well as new recipes shef- cook on the basis of the Ural products. There will be in place and the menu of molecular cuisine delights.

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