Anatoliy Kovarskiy

Picture of Anatoliy Kovarskiy

Date of Birth: 01/23/1904

Age: 70

Citizenship: Russia


Anatoly Kovarskii was born in the village of Popovka (now Konotop district of Sumy region of Ukraine) in a large Jewish family Yefim Haritonovich Kovarskii and Rachel Eyzerovny Gurvich. In 1924 he graduated from Kharkov Agricultural Institute. In 1924-1930 he worked in the Askania-Nova (1926 - Head of the experimental field, then head fitoselektsionnoy station). Since 1931 - Associate Professor, Department of Plant Kharkov Institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture. In 1933 he spearheaded a strong point of the Institute of soybean and new cultures in Kharkiv.

Since 1935 - in the Kherson agricultural institute (since 1938 - Head of Department of breeding and seed production, since 1940 - professor). Doctoral thesis (1940) is devoted to wild varieties of wheat in the Crimea. During the Great Patriotic War - in Uzbekistan. From 1944 until his death (1974) - he headed the department of plant breeding and seed production in Chisinau Agricultural Institute. He organized and led a training farm (Uchkhoz) Agricultural Institute in Chisinau under Costiujeni. In 1957-1974 he headed the Department of Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Since 1968 - President of the Moldovan society geneticists and breeders. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldavian SSR (1963).

Major works AE Kovarskii - in wheat breeding area (Askania Nova, 1926-1929), barley (1924-1930), peanut (1933-1940), as well as in the field of seed production, technology of cultivation of agricultural crops, their biology, flowering and fruit. He was engaged in the introduction of new crops of wheat, beans and corn in the conditions of Moldova and southern Ukraine. Brought new mutant varieties of corn.

Son AE Kovarskii - Victor A. Kovarskii - Moldovan physicist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Son AE Kovarskii - Valentin E. Kovarskii - Moldavian agronomist, author of scientific works, including the monograph "Optical technology is increasing the nutritional value of feed" (with co-authors, Chisinau, 2005). The elder brother of the scientist - Michael E. Kovarskii (1899-1933) - an agronomist, one of the organizers of the first machine-tractor stations (MTS) in the USSR, holder of the Order of Lenin; March 12, 1933 executed on charges of sabotage. Cousin - Leo (Natanovich) Kovarskii (1907-1979) - French physicist, director of the Commissariat for the French nuclear energy. By the centennial of the birth of plaques in honor of Academician AE Kovarskii were posted in Chisinau on the house on the street Shchusev 101 (where she lived Kovarskaya family), the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and State Agrarian University.