Anatoliy Gricenko

Picture of Anatoliy Gricenko

Date of Birth: 10/25/1957

Age: 59

Place of birth: Cherkasy region

Citizenship: Ukraine


Born October 25, 1957 in Cherkasy region.

Reserve Colonel, a military engineer.

In 1979 he graduated from the Kiev Higher Military Aviation Engineering School.

In 1984-1992 he taught at the Kiev Higher Military Aviation Engineering School.

From 1992 to 1994 - Head of the problem-analytical department of the Scientific Research Centre of the General Staff of Ukraine.

From 1997 to 1999 - Head of the Analytical Service of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

Since December 1999 - the president of the Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Studies. Razumkov, who conducted exit polls during the last presidential election.

Since November 2000, I entered the public council of experts on domestic issues.

The election headquarters Yushchenko led the analytical unit.

Anatoly Gritsenko firmly adheres to the line on Ukraine`s accession to NATO.

Taking responsibilities in 2005, Gritsenko said the need to further reduce the Ukrainian army - from the current 300 000 to 120 000 people. When Hrytsenko Ukrainian troops were withdrawn from Iraq, where they were part of an international coalition.

Accepting the proposal to retain the post of defense minister in the government of Viktor Yanukovych in August 2006, Anatoly Gritsenko, according to him, took into account the fact that "the army began the positive processes, the program runs until 2012, co-author of which I am, and a change of leadership It may lead to a change in department policy. " At the same time Gritsenko, admitted the possibility of his resignation if the new government abandons policy of Ukraine`s integration into NATO.

Already August 11, 2006 press service of the Ukrainian Government of Ukraine reported that Ukraine postpones adoption of the "NATO Membership Action Plan." According to the Government, it must be preceded by raising public awareness of NATO and clarify whether the country is ready for the implementation of the annual target plans for the NATO-Ukraine. "We believe that the ultimate answer to the dialogue that will last for the next few years in the Ukrainian society, on Ukraine`s accession to NATO will provide a nationwide referendum on the issue," - said Viktor Yanukovych.

After the last elections to the Supreme Council (Verkhovna Rada) of Ukraine and the formation of the last Government of Ukraine did not keep the position of Minister of Defense and was the Chairman of the Supreme Committee of the Council (Verkhovna Rada) of Ukraine on National Security and Defence.