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I sit in a convertible

On poedennuyu potholes Volgodonsk station square, where the huddled little old "Icarus" entered, no, not even entered - emerged, a luxury convertible. I opened the door of sparkling ... Putin:

- Please ride on the presidential car.

I plopped down on the soft leather seat, and we rushed chipped on the streets of a provincial town, as if on thickly buttered track: Well what a smooth riding machine!

Volgodonsk - a small town. It is unlikely that there is now syschesh resident, did not know that they have their own Putin. "Putin" - the nickname General Director of the highest rated television and radio in the city of VDT Anatoly Gorbunova. Painfully, he looks like the Russian President. As Vladimir Vladimirovich, growth Gorbunov not heroic - 172 cm, fry, blond, high forehead, bright eyes. However, ten years younger. Also actively involved in sports. As president, Anatoly Vasilyevich two daughters - Julia and Lena.

At leisure Gorbunov with two bosom friends and Gena Lazarev Igor Tsyplyakovym collects rare car garage.

- Our cooperative "Gesha, and Tosh Gosh" (joke, of course) bungled out of nothing six jeeps, and on this handsome - the German model, "Horch" - worked for a year. Experts at an automobile exhibition "Exotica" in Tushino appreciate our child in the 75-80 thousand dollars.

At first, friends thought profitable to sell convertible, but Anatoly persuaded the men to give the car the President. Just how to do it, I do not know.

- Vladimir Vladimirovich, "Horch" should be like, he generally likes all German - Anatoly gently stroking maroon with Goldberry wings pet. - According to documents this car 1936 release, but in fact it is completely new. "Horch" in Germany ceased to produce in the 30s. Our fully consistent with the original, and even better!

Rama took from the shattered boiled 31 minutes of "Volga", the engine - from the "Merci", the wings, body, radiator grille cooked themselves. Filling - wooden steering wheel and panel factories "Horch" they, too, were made of ash, beige leather chair, computer player, six speakers. The result was a magnificent convertible length of six and a half meters and reach speeds of 150 kilometers per hour. On a typewriter but for Bocharov Creek Sochi travel around! ..

"On Red Square, Arbat and in Sochi, ordered me the way"

Life is a Russian businessman Anatoly Gorbunova middling radically changed, when in August 1999 the Prime Minister of the country was a former efesbeshnik Vladimir Putin. Strange, but the first Anatoly no resemblance themselves with the new prime minister has not found.

- I wondered: who this guy look like? - Recalls Gorbunov. - I Decided: to some relative`s wife on the line. And then different people I began to say that I like Putin looks like. I just laughed. But one incident made me believe it.

It was in July 2000. In Volgodonsk I came Mikhail Kasyanov give housing certificates affected by the explosion of an apartment house. In the troubled times mayor of the city was the elder brother Gorbunova. After the event, distinguished guests went to the sauna, and the mayor asked his brother to see if that protection is necessary.

- I`m sitting, it means that I am with them in the waiting room, - Anatoly even laughing, like Putin, but he does not notice - and one officer of the guard Kasyanov too closely looks at me, saying: "Well, amazing, amazing!". "That is amazing?" - I could not resist. "Hey, how did you like Putin!" - Slapped his knees feseoshnik. It turns out that he had previously for two years worked with Putin, his former boss knows inside out.

Stories about how Anatoly confused with the gross national product, in a lot of Volgodonsk. I went once Gorbunov in Moscow at the exhibition. We sat with a friend at a restaurant, and then decided to walk on the Red Square. Hours 10pm was.

- Go unhurried pace, talking, suddenly a grandfather politely so with a nod, he turns to me: "Hello." I was surprised, but also greeted. Then we began to notice that something strange is going on. There were some tourists whether to Khanty-Mansiysk, or even from where. They crowded into a pile and for us - a short distance. Whispering, one zabezhit forward, then another, cameras clicked. And then I decided to play along. Putin`s voice so casually said to his companion: "Here Basil Repair (temple while standing in the woods), and again at the Kremlin undertake." And then one of the curious could not resist: "Vladimir Vladimirovich, is that you?" I smiled slyly: ". Yes, only m-s-s-s I am here incognito." This is the only case when I jokingly abused his "office." Putin also available: it actually could easily appear on a concert on the beach, on the track.

The same excitement caused the appearance of Gorbunova on the Arbat. There`s the mummers doubles Lenin and Stalin for the money taking pictures with tourists and people themselves to Anatolia limes, begging to be photographed. Barely legs blew. In Sochi more funny incident occurred. Tolia sat in the taxi, the people, of course, staring into my eyes, and a woman could not stand it: "Of course, I understand that you - that`s not it, because He is the shuttles does not go, but if it was Him I have it all right now expressed, all expressed! " However, such a manifestation of negative emotions Tolia rare. Most of our citizens favorably respond to the appearance of the President of the twin. But since then, Red Square, Arbat and Sochi Gorbunov has brought in the "black list", where he was to appear unsafe.

Here it is, the glory!

Several times Anatoly Gorbunov still had to play the role of head of state.

- Organizers of the ceremony "Golden Gramophone" in St. Petersburg, come up with a chip - says Tolia. - As the curtain came parodist Andrew Riabushinskii that amazing copy Alla Pugacheva. And "waterbus" he sang not a soundtrack, and he, in a voice of Alla. Then asked presenter Nikolai Fomenko, from whom prima would like to receive a prize. "Pugachev", coyly straightening hair, said, "Well, you yourself, Kohl said that I accept - then only from the president." Then Fomenko solemnly declared: "Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!" Together with bodyguards I famous "duck" gait came out on stage and surprise even for a moment stopped: 17000th Ice Palace exploded violent roar, as one jumped. And then I realized, like in St. Petersburg like Putin. But Fomenko ruined everything: took off the wig with Ryabushinsky, then everyone understood that Putin is not real.

On arrival in Peter Tolia took fans the fire itself. Man fifty teenagers awaited arrival of "Prime Minister", and then went out into the hall with his wife, Anatoly. One of the teens shouted "Putin!" - And the whole crowd rushed to Gorbunov. Just feet fell off. Stretch calendars for autographs, take pictures. "Dude, that`s not it!" - Just as suddenly provopil someone, and a herd of young people jumped to catch their idols.

A month ago, Anatoly starred in the music video of the "Singing together" - of course, as Vladimir Vladimirovich.

"I`d like to look like it"

In the evening we Tolik, his wife Olga and her daughters went to the performance of the ballet Ala Brass "Todes". After the concert was about to leave when one of the dancers grabbed Gorbunova`s sleeve: "You can take a picture with you?"

When a soloist Anatoly eyes "Todes" Julia Philippi widened: "How do you live with such a person, then?"

- Only the closest people can know what is actually Shreds the president does not like. They are quite different, - confessed to me his wife Olga Anatolia. - But after all become so to speak, it seems to me, Tolia changed for the better. He had previously been good, but the burden of responsibility is still pressing. Good thing Shreds to its unexpected popularity relates with humor.

- And Putin knows that he has a twin?

- I myself was entertaining before. But recently the president of "Russian Media Group" Sergei Arkhipov, a longtime friend of Putin, told me such a case. Called by its President, I put a DVD-ROM, where I hand Makarevich prize as if on behalf of the President, and asked: "Who is it, Sergei Sergeyevich?" Arkhipov was not taken aback, "You, Vladimir Vladimirovich.". Putin seems to be sighed at these words: "Yes, I gave expensive to look like it."

- In general, I want to be valued, not because I am the president something similar, but because it is also worth something. Kak-to in Moscow, I was sitting with a friend in a restaurant, look: a man stands kakoy-to and sent to us. "Well, the - I think - again photographed will ask for." And he says: "It is you collect old cars I have left over from my grandfather?" Willis ", leave the address - sleepin `. I was so pleased: at least one appreciated the fact that we are friends of the machine with his own hands do!