Anatoliy Gladun

Picture of Anatoliy Gladun

Date of Birth: 01/21/1935

Age: 81

Citizenship: Russia

To see the human - thinking clearly, physically - fun

- Anatoly Deomidovich since you became head of the Department of General Physics, relatively recently, please tell us briefly about yourself, about your own work?

- In 1959, I graduated from MIPT in 1962 - his doctoral studies. After a while he became deputy head of the Department of General Physics, then headed by Sergey Kapitsa. I went into a closed "box" 15 years later. From there, my professor Yury Solomentsev, Rector of Moscow State Technical University "STANKIN" dragged to his institute. In fact, there was a very good physics lab. It was believed that physics STANKIN put on a decent level, and perhaps that`s the impetus for my conversion. And now, after twenty years, I came back - on Fiztech.

With regard to research activities, the area of ??interest is very extensive: I have work in the field of electronics, plasma physics, physics of semiconductors in strong magnetic fields, quantum field theory, and even applied mechanics.

In "STANKIN" I organized the Faculty of Physics and Technology, Center of physical and technological research, I note that the Department of Physics there consists mainly of graduates of MIPT, they play a leading role.

- Have you finished Fiztech. Which faculty?

- You know, at that time we did not have the faculties. Only when we ended, they came. We are officially "attributed" to the Faculty of Radio Engineering. In fact, when I arrived on Fiztech, I did not think that I teach physics. I did here, to do science, if I wanted to teach - would go, perhaps, to the Department of Physics.

We then in the PTI was a very strong lecturer Gabriel S. Gorelick. This is a phenomenal teacher, really underrated. He worked there for only 4 years, and then was hit by a train. Somehow ridiculous ... It was a very bright personality.

And then there was such a story: Isaac Markovich Khalatnikov we read theoretical physics, selected on the course (from more than a hundred people) two - me and Misha Korsun - and drove to the Landau theoretical minimum to pass, it was in the fifth semester. So I was involved in the Landau school. And in the "box" I then went because there was no place for a theorist. The complex had a history, but what is important is not - it is important that my godfather in physics was Gabriel S. Gorelick, then Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov, then there was Felix Ruvimovich Gantmakher, then Lev Davidovich Landau, then Eugene M. Lifshitz. So really, it`s true - everything is back to normal, but that`s on a different level. So I again at MIPT, now as a manager. Chair of General Physics.

At the time, I was invited to a lot of problems for the examinations in physics. In general, I did not lose connection with the MIPT: I am a member of a specialized council on thesis, participated in the PVD, and more.

- Is it true that you were the supervisor of studies dean DGAP Fyodor Kamenetz?

- I have been here so many students - about 30 people. Vladimir G. Leiman, Sergey Korshunov, and one of my students - Viktor Auburn defended his doctorate in twenty-eight years and has become a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences. Fyodor was once my student. Actually, I recommended him for the position of Associate Dean. Now we are friends, though, he gave me still believes his teacher, but had long been cooperating in scientific terms, we communicate in other ways.

- Let`s move on to this burning issue as the state exam. Tell us how it went in the 4th year, and both will be held today.

- I think that he was good, normal. There were minor flaws. But the fact is that in this form it will never happen again. This exam was not in general physics and in physics. There will need to be taken into account and the fact that it was in theoretical physics, and teormeh and quantum electronics, and so on. D. The purpose of the examination was to test the "residual knowledge", and it determined the whole policy, all the rules of the game.

And now the exam returned to his seat, 6 semester.

There is a written exam with the possibility to use any literature, and oral exam, which will be impossible to use anything. Will tickets. The ticket - three points: first - discussion of the results of written work, the second point - the question of choice, and the third point - the program.

The issue of choice is taken from the same program issues (60 + 40 extra, to be published in a newspaper posted on a server MIPT) of modern physics: laser spectroscopy, the Sun puzzle, Rydberg atoms, the Earth`s atmosphere, relativistic electron beams, fractals in physics a rigid body and so on.

Some students will be allowed to make up questions. It must be the work of an experimental nature, made with his own hands, for example, a lecture demonstration, lab or something original. We believe that such students will be a little - one or two in the group.

- But now, perhaps, a little time for such experimental work?

- Time, of course, unfortunately, not enough, but the rules have already been taken. Now everything is in the final stages. Behind us stretches another exam for those who did not hand over state for valid reasons, so the department is very tense situation - all the time state examinations. Organize the exam for the whole institution (it is about 600 people) - it is difficult, you need a lot of strength and energy. In the next year, everything will go on as usual.

- So, everything was as it was?

- Yes, it was, but the status is now different. Previously, this was the final exam in physics on the Rights of the AGM, but this right was given to him ourselves. And now he has the right qualification bachelor exam. This should be the minimum that will determine - Bachelor or Bachelor of you. This exam will be more in mathematics plus graduation bachelor work. Another plus examination in the specialty in a magistracy. That is, in the Physical-Technical Institute imposed such a heavy sled.

I do not know if it`s all you need in this volume, I`m not sure. But what exactly - Fiztech should something very different. Experience shows that children sit very well. I think we overestimate assessment, especially the top five. Of course, state examination meaningless reduce the assessment, on the contrary, we have to somehow encourage, in this I do not see anything wrong. But ordinary, so-called linear examinations, requirements should be increased.

- What is the role of the department of theoretical physics teachers on this exam?

- They do, however, the role of intelligence. They see that what is read at the department of theoretical physics, it is difficult to find in the students` knowledge. We have become accustomed to this, and they are still being watched. By this time, because many departments have already passed field theory, quantum mechanics, and in the knowledge it can not be detected. Rather, I am a little magnified. But it is important for them to feel the feedback. For us theorists important as opponents, critics as helpers, as partners.

Once, at the dawn of the PTI, this exam was given great importance. Physics taught academics Kapitsa and Landau. It was then, and was originally introduced by the state exam. Kapitsa were known problem, the man who solved them, was very respected, especially among students. And then this exam disappeared. But as time passed, and when the rector was Oleg Belotserkovsky - this exam to improve physics was introduced again. In fact, it was he who then drew me to the chair of physics as deputy head. The main idea was to attract institutakademikov. At the first examination all invited academics, to which we could "get through." The people invited very skilled. And when the exam ended, its level of discussion was - "Physics in the USSR." It was a celebration of physics. In fact, then there is a question of choice, so that the student could tell something academics, talk to him. Kapitsa as originally thought: who does not pass the exam in 5 semester, he transferred to another university. But the left, in my opinion, only one person, because the base said: "Why move, the good guys ...". As a result, once everything has calmed down.

And history would have it, I stand in the doorway again, and give it a new form of the exam. This form - Bachelor, state status. Holiday has little serious examination, but in any case, I believe it is a good idea!

The exam requires new challenges, new approaches, then the chair should always something to do, people need to do science, otherwise the proposed objectives will be of a scholastic.

State examination we need. We would like to bet on the third year. We have 5 and 6 semesters is very original, because they are open to new ideas - here all the time, new labs, the program is constantly focused on modern physics, there is no established here - creativity.

We have all the time there is a need - to adapt, to transform the achievements of science in the educational process because learning physics and the physics of science - are two big differences. And in between times - the abyss. Actually, people who teach at MIPT, have to be very creative, because you need to be both at a high level in science and pedagogy. If undergraduate protagonist - a teacher, and it is best to mix the teacher and scholar, then a third-year teacher must necessarily be a great scientist.

- Anatoly Deomidovich, what would you like to hear from a student who passes the state exam?

- I would like to see intelligent eyes. I would like to see an enthusiastic person. Of course, I would like to see the experimental work. While it is certainly difficult. To this was a man with a problem that he had solved it yourself creatively. A pleasure when one thinks clearly, physically. We are the guys there. When it is not a question of duty (optional), and hard-won, deliberate. Work can even be ridiculous, maybe some kind of dissident, but a man must be its creator!