Anatoliy Bibilov

Picture of Anatoliy Bibilov

Date of Birth: 06/02/1970

Age: 46

Place of birth: Tskhinvali


Anatoly Ilich Bibilov was born February 6, 1970 in the South Ossetian city of Tskhinvali - the administrative center of the South Ossetian autonomous region of the Georgian Soviet Union in a working class family. In high school, he studied at a special school-boarding school with advanced study of Russian language and strengthened military and physical training.

In 1988, Bibilov enrolled in the Ryazan Airborne School, from which he graduated in 1992. There was a school champion and division by army fighting. It was noted that the same school in 1989 graduated from the Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, who later became the president of Ingushetia - in the media called him a friend Bibilov.

After graduation Bibilov was defined in the 76th Pskov Airborne Division. In 1992, as part of the composite battalion division, he went to South Ossetia, where he took part in the peacekeeping operation. Later Bibilov went to serve in the armed forces of South Ossetia, where in 1994-1996 he commanded a company of special purpose. In 1996, Bibilov left South Ossetia and until 1998 was a businessman in Kiev.

From 1998 to 2008 he served in the North Bibilov battalion of peacekeeping forces in South Ossetia in positions of company commander to deputy battalion commander. He wore the rank of Major. In August 2008, he took an active part in hostilities in armed conflict with Georgia, organized the defense of Tskhinvali, led a sweep of the city from Georgian troops. In the course of military operations he received two wounds, but remained in the ranks. In October 2008goda mentioned in the media as the "veteran airborne troops, MS Deputy battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel of the North Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov."

October 31, 2008 Bibilov was appointed head of the new Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters of South Ossetia and was promoted to major general. In the same year, Bibilov was awarded the highest award of the Republic of South Ossetia - Order Uatsamonga.

In August 2011 it was reported that Bibilov will participate in the presidential elections in South Ossetia as an independent candidate supported by the Russian authorities. According to media reports, he was not included in the "clan" President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity and enjoyed his confidence, but the head of the republic that he could not take part in the elections (since he held the presidency for the second time, and the election for a third term was contrary to the Constitution South Ossetia), was forced to agree to support Bibilov under pressure from the Kremlin.

September 14, 2011 Bibilov agreed to the proposal made by Kokoity to run for president of South Ossetia. On the same day, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on awarding the Order of Friendship Bibilov "for his great contribution to the development of relations between Russia and South Ossetia." September 18, 2011 Bibilov was approved by a single candidate for president of South Ossetia at the VIII Congress of the Republican Party "Unity". In addition, it supported the candidacy of the Communist Party of South Ossetia, the Socialist Party "Fydybasta" movement "Forward, Ossetia!" and the international social movement "Ossetian Supreme Council".

Election Program Bibilov, entitled "Ossetian breakthrough.. Unity Order of Development", referred to as the main objectives of the international recognition of South Ossetia and further rapprochement with Russia, "fierce fight" against corruption and bureaucracy and economic development of the republic. Speaking about the need for reunification of the Republic of North Ossetia Bibilov at the same time stressed that this is a long process, which requires a "serious plan developed and implemented at the level of the two states." In their speeches Bibilov has repeatedly denied his alleged intentions if elected president of South Ossetia seek immediate entry of the republic into the Russian Federation. At the same time, he did not deny, in principle, the idea of ??the political unification of South Ossetia and Russia.

According to media reports and experts Bibilov used in South Ossetia reputable non-corrupt politics has nothing to do with the clan of Kokoity, which in the case of coming to power, will fight the theft of Russian money coming to Restore the Republic. However, before the elections there were some publications, the authors stated that the involvement of Bibilov to criminal activity. In particular, it was reported that smuggled weapons, which he delivered as the federal troops and Chechen separatists in 1994-1996 during the First Chechen War Squad Bibilov. In 1996-1998, according to the authors of these materials, Bibilov moved his criminal activities in Kiev, where he was involved in smuggling and racketeering. In addition, the press reported on its cooperation in this period, with the Russian special services, in order that Bibilov allegedly organized the murder of a number of the leaders of the Chechen community in Ukraine. Bibilov accused and other crimes, in particular in the embezzlement of humanitarian aid in South Ossetia. There are also publications about his links with corrupt Russian officials. Election headquarters of Bibilov has categorically denied the authenticity of these materials, calling them "black PR" by political rivals of the candidate.

In the first round of presidential elections, which took place on November 13 Bibilov won 24.86 percent of the vote, slightly ahead of her rival Alla DZHIOEVA for which 24.8 percent of voters voted second round of elections was scheduled for November 27th. Supporters Bibilov has repeatedly been accused of various violations during the election campaign, in particular, illegal campaigning and pressure on voters.

Bibilov is chairman of the South-Ossetian branch of the Interregional public organization of Airborne Troops and Special Forces veterans. The politician is married and has four children. It was noted that, as a minister, he lived with his family in an apartment in one of the Tskhinvali district. Statement in 2011 reported that a citizen of the Russian Federation.