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Date of Birth: 09/19/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia

Anastasia Melnikova helps universe

Nastya Melnikova with the birth of more than a year ago, his daughter Masha accelerated pace of life is very, but it refers to a wise idea Coelho: "If you want something, the whole universe will assist." Nastia wants as much as possible to spend more time with Masha and at the same time to keep up shoot. And - happily settled - the last series are shot outside the city, and the daughter is now living in the country. "If I have two or three hours of free time, jump in the car and going to Masha, have time to play with it. In the evening, at ten o`clock, I beg rezhisserovmenya let go, to bathe her daughter. I cherish every moment of communication, she needed me more than I do her. "

- Masha already understands that his mother - an actress?

- Of course, I did on a platform with an often receive. And recently we have at home and the TV crew were filming Masha asked: "Where is the camera? Where`s the microphone? "The child revealed unmistakably all. But you know that the daughter you do not say that her mother - "frivolous actress" (laughs), I decided to defend his dissertation. Graduate School has a long time, but not defend, and now took up the mind, even when flying in an airplane, open a notebook and write, but Masha will be mother - "candidate of art."

The birth of her daughter gave me so much strength, that also started to rehearse in two antrepriznyh performances, it would be romance and comedy.

- But on household chores, perhaps, no strength, though our photojournalist filmed you at the stove.

- I love to cook, this is all my friends know. If we do lunch, so no less than five meals, snacks and cakes.

- Will the last character of your personal life - Lieutenant Abdulova?

- I think yes. Until November 19, has yet to play in a series of four "Streets of Broken Lamps" and then we Yuri Kuznetsov, Aleksei Nilov Sergei Selin and leaving other producers. series will do, telling about the cops five years later. We went on a creative explanation for each of our heroes developed a concept of fate line. My heroine will be engaged seriously - that will play! But Sasha and Misha Polovtsiev Truhin remain in the old team, "Streets of Broken Lamps" will also continue.

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Anastasiya Melnikova picture
Anastasiya Melnikova photo
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