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The most favorite villain of the series Falcon Crest

Her role made famous intriganki-Agretti heiress Melissa (Melissa Agretti) in the soap opera ` Krest` Falcon (Falcon Crest), looked out on CBS from December 1981 to May 1990.

Ana Alicia Ortiz (Ana Alicia Ortiz) was born December 12, 1956 in Mexico City (Mexico City). Her mother held a senior position in the garment factory, and his father was engaged in business. As a child, parents took Ana to the United States (United States) and settled in El Paso, Texas (El Paso, Texas). In 1973, Ana graduated from high school and received a scholarship to study at Wellesley College (Wellesley College), but prefer to study drama at the University of Texas at El Paso (University of Texas at El Paso),to be closer to his mother and brothers and sisters. His first professional role she played in the local theater The Adobe Horseshoe Dinner Theater in El

Paso staged countries` parochki` (The Odd Couple) Bob Denver (Bob Denver) in the title role.

After receiving a bachelor`s degree in 1977, Ortiz went to Los Angeles (Los Angeles),and her life began the usual routine for novice actors - listening tests and listening again. She was lucky - soon she took on the role of Alicia Nieves (Alicia Nieves) in the daytime soap opera `Ryan`s Hope`, however, for the filming had to move to New York (New York City).A year and three months, Ortiz returned to the West Coast and resumed listening while studying law at the law school (Southwestern University) Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texa (Georgetown, Texas). In the end, her career began to suffer, and Ana has decided to devote his time acting craft. About four years Ana has played bit parts in various television series including ` Battlestar Galaktika` (Battlestar Galactica),` Buck Rogers in the XXV veke` (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century), ` The ME Kuinsi` (Quincy ME) and` Law Makkleyna` (McClain`s Law), until finally ,I did not get the role of the spoiled and narcissistic heiress Melissa Agretti winery in the soap opera Falcon ` Krest`. It replaced an actress Delores Cantu (Delores Cantu), which played Melissa in one episode in early 1982. Melissa by Ana became one of the most loved and also hated characters in the series and has acquired a huge number of fans, becoming a worthy rival for the super - villain shows Angela Channing (Angela Channing), played elegantly Jane Wyman (Jane Wyman). In total, Ana appeared in 178 episodes of the show from the 227 ,and the last series with her participation came in 1989, a year before the end of the show. Melissa, her character died in a fire at the beginning of the eighth season, but later returned to Ana ` Falcon Krest` to play double Melissa Ross Samantha (Samantha Ross).

After ` Falcon Krest` Ana Alicia played a few bit parts. She starred vkinofilme ` Romero` (Romero, 1989) - its second non- television roles, if you count the movie Halloween ` 2` (Halloween II) in 1981. Then the actress flashed in the series `Life Goes On`,` She wrote ubiystvo` (Murder, She Wrote) and ` Otstupnik` (Renegade), and in 1990 starred in the television movie ` Wonderful prizemlenie` (Miracle Landing),filmed on a real case with a board of 243 `Aloha Airlines`, which took place in April 1988. At that time the aircraft due to the abrupt decompression come off the fuselage. ` Otstupnik` became her last acting job, and then Ana has returned to El Paso with his family.

April 24, 1994 Ana married Benz Gary (Gary Benz),they have two children

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Ana Alicia picture
Ana Alicia photo
Ana Alicia image
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