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Date of Birth: 1972

Age: 43

Citizenship: United States

Change your posture - and changed all my life

Amy Joy Casselberry Cuddy was born in 1972. She grew up in a very small town Pennsylvanians Dutch in Robesonii, Pennsylvania (Robesonia, Pennsylvania). Cuddy has become a classic ballet dancer and worked as a waitress on roller skates, while studying at the University of Colorado at Boulder (University of Colorado Boulder). As a sophomore, after a serious car accident, she received a serious head injury, and the doctors said that, most likely, Amy fails to draw further study and become a bachelor. Despite the forecasts, Cuddy`s got a doctorate in social psychology from Princeton University (Princeton University), a Master`s degree in social psychology in the same institution, as well as a bachelor`s degree in social psychology at the University of Colorado.

Cuddy - Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Department of Negotiation, Organizations and Markets at Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School). Previously, she was an assistant professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University), where she taught leadership programs for organizations preparing new masters in Business Administration and teaching method studies doctoral program. She was also an assistant professor of psychology at Rutgers University (Rutgers University), where trains bachelors in the field of social psychology.

Along with Susan Fiske (Susan Fiske) and Peter Glick (Peter Glick), Cuddy has developed a psychological theory known as the contents of stereotypes Model (SCM), and a map of the behavior as a function of exposure and intergroup stereotypes known as BIAS Map. The second development shows how attitudes and emotions influence the formation of behavioral trends. Cuddy examines the roots and consequences, as a man of the opinion of others and how people influence each other. She spent the experimental and correlational studies stereotypes and discrimination against different groups, including Asian Americans, the elderly, Hispanics and working mothers. Cuddy studied the causes and consequences of manifestations of ambivalent feelings, such as a pair, as envy and pity; non-verbal behavior and hormonal responses to social stimuli.

Research Cuddy and Dana Carney (Dana Carney) from the University of California at Berkeley (UC-Berkeley) focused on how non-verbal expression of power - or relaxed open posture of the human body - influence the feelings, behavior, and even hormone levels. In particular, the studies Dana and Amy have shown that body language shapes our identity. Even if the `poddelat` posture of the body, for example, expressed in her strength and dominance, then two minutes later to increase testosterone levels, decrease cortisol levels (a stress hormone), will increase the desire to act more boldly and show their best side during the interview. David Brooks (David Brooks) sums it all up by saying: `If you act cool, and then you start to think kruto`.

The very same Cuddy, summarizing his research, said that our gestures and facial expressions control how and what they think about us around. If the correct use of body language, you can increase the level of mutual understanding with someone, and indeed affect the way a person would feel standing next to you. Speech on the topic at the conference TED private non-profit foundation led Amy to the global fund conference, TEDGlobal 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland). Video of the speech available on the web since October of 2012, has been viewed more than 19 million. Times, and this figure is set Cuddy in second place among the most viewed TED fund lecturers. Cuddy also was in first place in the magazine`s list of `Time`, where were assembled those who change the rules of the game `: the innovators and creative minds, inspiring change in Amerike`.

Cuddy is often said that love live music. She admitted that several times followed the rock group `Grateful Dead` while touring this American team. Amy has one son.

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