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Amy Lou Adams is known to viewers from the film ` Catch Me If smozhesh`, ` scam in amerikanski`, ` How to Marry a three dnya` and other bright and interesting work. Actress five times nominated for `Oscar` ,It is the owner of ` Golden globusa` and other prestigious awards. However, before reaching fame, Amy Adams has replaced a lot of lessons, and if circumstances were different, it would have worked as a trainer in bodybuilding, and its first steps in the film were not too successful.

Home biography of Amy Adams is quite unusual. American actress born on August 20 1974 in the Italian city of Vicenza. Her father Richard Kent Adams served in the military base situated therein, Caserma Ederle; Amy was the fourth of seven children of Adams, who belonged to the Church of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) . After endless crossings Adams settled in Castle Rock, Colorado ,where Richard Adams began to sing in restaurants and his mother, Katherine, nee Hiken, he worked as a coach an amateur bodybuilding. In 1985, Amy`s parents divorced and moved away from the Mormon religion, although Amy Lou hitherto respected the religious principles laid down in her childhood. The girl had a good voice ,excellent ability to dance and sports. She sang in the school choir, won the athletics competitions, but more than anything she wanted to become a ballerina. It is self- earned money to pay for dance lessons, although his mother, Amy convinced that success in athletics can help her get a scholarship to college,and engaging in bodybuilding, it may eventually help her in coaching. But Amy continued to dance, studied painting and sculpture, read a lot. After school, she moved with her mother to Atlanta, Georgia. By this time she realizedthat ballet, with its iron discipline and accurate movements is not her element, and began to look for work in musical theater. She settled in the amateur troupe and moonlighted as a consultant in the clothing store famous company `Gap`.She then worked for a while the older waitress in a famous restaurant chain `Hooters` and retired from there srazuzhe once earned enough to buy a car.

Since 1995, Amy Adams began working as a dancer in various musical theaters. Then she accepted the offer of the famous theater director Chanhassen Dinner Theater Michael Brindisi and three years appeared on the scene in a variety of musical and dance numbers in Minnesota, is one not damaged muscle. At that time (1999) in Minnesota occurred semkifilma ` Suicidal krasotki` ,and Amy decided to use a forced break from work and go to the casting. Kirstie Alley Director praised the new data contenders, and invited her to move to Los Angeles. Home cinema career was for Amy`s not too fun, she longed for the theater and was not sure of it happens actress. In addition, her first job, a TV movie ` podgotovka` Manchester, which is a spin-off of the film ` Cruel igry`, turned out unsuccessful and has been rewired. However, in 2000, Amy Adams successfully played several small roles in such famous series as ` Zacharovannye`, Providens` ` ` Buffy - vampirov`. She noticed producers and directors, and the young actress won the role of Jodie Melville in the series about Superman ` Smolvilya` Secrets (2001, episode of ` Tyaga`) , and then znamenty Steven Spielberg invited her to the nurse`s role in the detective comedy ` Catch Me If smozhesh` (2002) , where she became co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. It was a very big success ,but after a long break in work. Amy was engaged in voicing animation, then appeared in several TV series and has already started to think about changing jobs.

In 2005, the actress was invited to audition for a low-budget film ` zhuk` June, which was the winner of the Sundance Film Festival ,and for her performance as Ashley Dzhonsten Adams he was nominated for `Oscar` and received admiring reviews of film critics. This was the beginning of further success of the actress. It is literally swamped with invitations to the shooting. The biggest commercial success was a fantasy musical ` Zacharovannaya` (2007) , in which Amy Adams played the role of the fairy princess Giselle ,and he won the first prize - the prize ` Choice kinokritikov`. The songs for this film by Amy Adams emerged as an album.

It can be argued that since Amy has received for his performance only positive reviews, even if the project as a whole is not too successful.Among the most highly regarded works of the actress - Sister James in the movie ` Somnenie` (2008) , Charlene Fleming received a few ` ` file Oskarov` Boets` (2010) , Peggy Dodd in ` Mastere` (2012) , for which the actress was awarded the prize ` Selecting kinokritikov`. The highest award - the ` Golden globusa` actress was honored for her role as Sidney Prosser ,Strippers dancers, presenting itself as an English aristocrat in criminal tragicomedy ` scam in amerikanski` (2012) , and all this film has received 34 awards in various categories.

In 2014, Amy Adams was named among the 100 most influential people according to the ` Tayms`. In the same year planned out several of her new works, in particular ,` Kolybelnaya` film. On the Christmas holidays as planned premiere of the biographical fidma ` Large glaza` in which Amy Adams plays the role of the artist Margaret Keane.

Currently, the actress is involved in the filming of a movie about Janis Joplin, which plays the legendary singer, as well as in another project related to the eternal theme of Superman ,in which she also appeared in the title role. As for the personal life of the actress, something with his life partner Darren Le Gallo, she met in 2001 when they both studied at the acting class in Los Angeles. Their engagement was held in 2008, but the wedding is postponed yet. In 2010 Alams and Le Gallo Aviana Olea daughter

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