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This team from Minneapolis, working at the intersection of nu- metal and industrial music, was born in the mid 90s. The reason for its creation was to introduce Martin Coca (then Cameron Hickok) and Chad Hanks (later better known as Mr. H.C. Banks III), occurred in a rehabilitation clinic, where the musicians were resting after a turbulent adventures. Several improve their failing health, the guys decided to do business, ie, composing songsthe selection of the name of the future project and seek partners.

After going through a few names like "Flux" and "Gestapo pussy ranch", Martin and Chad stayed in the "American head charge". Along the way, she stocked and composition, which in addition to Coca (vocals) and Hank (bass) entered David Rogers (guitar) , Christopher Emery (keyboards, samples) and Peter Harmon (drums) . In 1998 "Trepanation", the team has released their own debut album.

American head chargeZa this work was followed by the emergence of "American head charge" in the collections of "Dwell records". In the autumn of 1999 the guitar player and keyboardist Wayne Kyle Aaron Zilch. In the same year, the band lit up the opening act for "System of a Down",and this was the reason for the conclusion of the contract with "American recordings". By signing the necessary papers, the band went to the session, which took place under the supervision of renowned producer Rick Rubin. At the same time as part of a reshuffle has occurred : Emery moved behind the drums, and synthesizers took command Justin Fowler.

Released in August 2001-of "The war of art" in the first week of sales has sold 12,000 copies and took 118 th place in the "Billboard". The next two years the group spent on the road, having during this time to play in a bundle with such ensembles as the "Slipknot", "System of a Down", "Mudvayne".American head charge notable was one of the concerts held in Hb

-Dzhersi On which Rodgers performed naked, for which he was arrested. Generally nomadic life of a negative impact on the musicians, and eventually the two of them go too far with drugs, were back on rehabilitation. In 2002, the team left Wayne Kyle ,and was replaced by Bryan Ottoson. The new guitarist debuted with "American head charge" in the clip "Just so you know". Recording of the next album, it was decided to carry out on an independent label "Nitrus records".

Surprisingly easy to let go of the team Rubin, and musicians peacefully broke up with "American recordings".In the role of the producer "The feeding" was made by Greg Fidelman, who worked with the "AHC" on "The war of art" as a sound engineer. Despite the small budget, the recording went well, and in March 2005, admirers of "American head charge" received as a gift a dozen primitive brutal tracks of a total duration of 41 minutes.

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