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Who advertised "Bradlees", "Jeep" and "Samsung"?

First tried his hand as a model while still in school, Embry Anderson has managed to achieve in the chosen path of impressive success. She became a model at the national level ,He tried herself as an actress and appeared several times in foreign advertising projects.

Anderson was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland); her father, Curt Anderson (Curt Anderson), was a lawyer and a member of the local Chamber of Deputies, the mother of Marcia (Marcia) worked as a dentist. Back in high school, Embry had to try his hand as a model - mainly in school talent shows and fashion events at the local level. After high school, she entered Howard University (Howard

University) and got a job in `BET`s Planet Groove`.During his studies, Anderson repeatedly traveled to work in Washington (Washington) and New York (New York); after receiving a bachelor`s degree from Embry she settled in New York, taking off an apartment with two other beginner models.

The first really big modeling job Embry offered by representatives of the New York network `Bradlees`;the girl had to withdraw to their kataloga.omimo this, Anderson later received offers from `Coca-Cola`,` Seagram`s`, `Jeep`,` Newport`, `Kohl`s`,` Verizon` and `Samsung`.

Advertising with Embry appeared in the pages of fashion magazines and periodicals, printed posters and boxes with tools for hair care ;Anderson even had a chance to get to the 12 -meter billboard on Times Square (Times Square).

For the first time to play in a TV commercial natsionalnogourovnya Anderson happened in 2004 ; this video was commissioned by `Jeep`. In the story, the artist played Embry, first to draw a red `Jeep Liberty`,and then - to leave away in this car. In the future, Anderson had a chance to star in commercials for the `Burger King`,` Palmer`s Cocoa Butter`, `Food Network` and ` Kellogg`s`. The first television advertisement of the international class with Anderson was shot in July 2008 in Tel Aviv, Irail (Tel Aviv, Israel);error status: 400` Sex and the gorode` (` Sex and the City`) and ` All of nas` (` All of

Us`). It is known that Anderson is listed in the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and television actor.

In April 2008, the model took part in a rather interesting sociological experiment ; Anderson stood in the street with the song `Stop! In The Name of Love`.Sang Embry deliberately mediocre ; the purpose of the experiment was to analyze the reaction of passers-by on so little singing. In general, people react more positively - although vdimo and insincere ; at the end of the experiment Anderson received quite constructive criticism from the Mary Wilson (Mary Wilson),play this song back when their member of `The Supremes`.

At the moment, Anderson lives in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York). As an actress, she has had time to play in a number of locally produced short films - like `Delores Furst`. Periodically Embry across roles in major feature films - as in 2011-m model has played in the film `You`re nobody till somebody kills you`. Sometimes Embry starred in music videos ; it can be seen in the video for the song `Swizz Beatz`,` Rah Digga`, `Fat Joe` and ` Ghostface Killah`.

In 2011, Anderson received the special award of the graduate school Milford Mill Academy, which was once finished. For three years before that Embry was awarded the prize `Legacy Award` on ` Women of Distinction`.

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