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The American model, which is called The highest model in the world. The growth of women - 2.02 m, foot size - 45 th, but she herself did not shy about its growth, and, on the other hand, wears high heels. In addition to the modeling career Amazon Eve starred in a couple of films, and the most famous of her photoshoot was the one in which she met with the undersized model in the world. The present name of the model - Eric Ervin (Erika Ervin), she was born in 1979 in California (Turlock, California). The growth was remarkable girl since childhood, and as early as age 14, she was taller than many adults. Later in an interview, she admitted that it was just a terrible period in her life ,when all the girls started to turn into pretty girls, while Eric continued to grow rapidly upwards. She had no breasts, it was not feminine, and when the day came the prom in the school, no one asked her to go along.

Eric grew further over the next few years ,and in 2011, Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records) named Eric The highest professional model in the world. By the way, about the modeling industry, as well as about the movie, the girl dreamed since childhood, and for all its vast growth of Amazon Eve proved to be the best model. The biggest success was her photo shoot for the Australian magazine `Zoo Weekly`, where the two most extreme model met - two-meter Amazon Eve and most undersized model, where growth was about one and a half meters. Photos were very fun - wearing identical red bikini girl looked very exotic.

Incidentally,just after the appearance of the pages of `Zoo Weekly` Amazon Eve received a fairly significant boost in career

- She even began to receive suggestions about the shooting in the movie. So, Amazon Eve starred in a couple of films, but in general it works fitness trainer and earns that fight with menwho are willing to pay $ 400 per hour for the right to compete with such an amazing and huge girl.

For a long time Amazon Eve had big problems to find a friend - there were times when men did not believe her that she was not a transsexual and a man in disguise. Casual acquaintances did not stay a long time in the life of Erica ,but because she was so happy when she met Dennis Hargrove (Dennis Hargrove), a man almost of its growth. It is no secret that Dennis is much older than 34 -year-old Erika

- He was already over 60, but it says that it makes her happy.

It is known that in Japan Amazon Eve called Bebizilla (Babezilla),that is derived from the word ` ` and bebi` godzilla`.

Alas, his career as an actress, had dreamed of all his life, Eric has surrendered - the roles she was offered, all the time were monsters, and so it did not agree myself, she always wanted to be an actress, or at least a dramatic comedy.

Her modeling career has also come to an end ,Amazon Eve but was not upset - it feels great in the field of fitness and entertainment. In addition, she finally found her love, and so full of wonderful hope for the future.

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Amazon Eva image
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Amazon Eva picture
Amazon Eva picture
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