Amaro Viana

Picture of Amaro Viana

Age: 12

Nationality: South Africa

The monstrous violence

Calling Africa in general and South Africa in particular, peaceful place is quite difficult - many locals refer to the ideas of statehood, law and order with obvious skepticism. According to some reports, in South Africa alone each day he dies at the hands of their own man on reason 44 brothers. According to statistics, South Africa is one of the most dangerous areas of the world. Crednestatisticheskie 44 killed a day - the result is almost unrivaled; on equal population in England (England) and Wales (Wales) on the day perish 1.5 person. There are, of course, in the world more dangerous areas, but they are quite small - in fact, less the only Latin American countries remain war zones.

What happened recently in Uokerville, a suburb of Johannesburg (Walkerville, Johannesburg), however, even familiar to many South Africans literally shocked. Three robbers not only broke into someone`s house - they killed the owner, was raped and murdered mistress, and severely dealt with their 12-year-old son. I do not regret the attackers even a dog - her belly ripped open by robbers.

The first arm robbers caught 53-year-old Tony Viana (Tony Viana); barely went into his own house through the front door, he received a series of blows strongest. The attackers wielded sticks, golf course and a knife-panga. Tony immediately pursue the bandits did not - at first they had to figure out how to open the safe deposit box was in the house. Soon he returned home his wife and son, Tony, 43-year-old Geraldine (Geraldine) and 12-year-old Amaro. Their robbers tied up and were taken to separate rooms. First, the bandits raped Geraldine, then - and shot her and Tony. For almost was about to leave, the robbers suddenly think about the fact that young Amaro saw their faces - and, therefore, can continue to hand over to the police. Living witness the robbers was not needed - it so happened that the trio was intimately familiar with the family Viana before the attack; 24-year-old Patrick Radebe (Patrick Petrus Radebe) had worked in the house Viana gardener, and one of his companions was the son of a family servant. For some reason the child spend on ammo robbers did not; bound boy just put face down in the tub and turned on the water.

Despite his caution, the three bandits - Patrick Radebe, Sipho Mbele (Sipho Mbele) and David Motong (David Motaung) - still got into the hands of justice. Mbele and Radebe eventually confessed to hacking, attempted robbery, rape, killing three, carrying a weapon without a license, illegal possession of ammunition, and intentional damage of property of others. Lawyer criminals Charmaine Kastlmen (Charmaine Castleman), said that the attack was provoked by the actions of kakoy-to least Geraldine Viana - it is assumed that she is extremely ill-treated Radebe back in the days when he looked after the family garden. The third member of the gang, David Motong, previously pleaded guilty to robbery and intentional damage of property of others.

The incident has caused considerable public outcry. As stated by Diane Kohler Barnard (Dianne Kohler Barnard), minister of police, in many respects, this resonance is explained by the terrible death Amaro Viana; as if it did not sound scary, violence against women and the killing of civilians in the country occur every day - but such brutality against children occurs much less frequently.

Of all the family Viana survived only daughter of Tony from his first marriage, Gabriela (Gabriela); Fortunately, at that time it was not at home.