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Outstanding, talented basketball player, member of the most prestigious international competitions, winner of numerous awards and prizes. Allen was in favor of the national team of the United States team. Actively playing in his club - " Detroit Pistons ". Today Iverson is recognized by many one of the most successful players in the world. For one game basketball is gaining an average of 27.7 points - an incredible figure is comparable with the results of the legendary Michael Jordan.

Allen Iverson was born th June 7, 1975 in HamptonIn Virginia. While still a student in high school basketball player strongly drew sport. Allen actively playing for the school basketball team, showing their own incredible talent. As part of Allen team successfully performed at the national championships.

Sometimes basketball player got into a very unpleasant situation and history.Often basketball with friends arranged a fight with whites teenagers. February 14th 1993rd year, bowling, after another altercation, American athlete and his friends put under arrest. Basketball player was accused of several crimes, including the mutilation. Despite this, there was a lot of witnesses who claimedThat the athlete was absolutely not involved in the incident. Sam Allen Iverson said that he would never have struck a defenseless man. After four months in one of the prisons, Iverson was pardoned and released for lack of evidence.

In 1994-the year there was a turning point in the career of an American basketball player. Then he received the necessary support from the coaches and found the opportunity to speak to several major games. A few years later the young athlete started playing in the American NBA basketball league. Several times, Allen became the best player in the entire league. Often an athlete helping his own team in the most desperate situations, bringing her victory at the last minute. Gaining a huge number of match points, Iverson has always been among the top scorers.

Now basketball player continues to play in the NBA for one of the best teams. The athlete Allen Iverson hard training ,wanting to become a perfect player

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