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Who played Dr. Sidney Friedman in Mes ?

American actor,known role of psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman (Sidney Freedman) in the TV series `M * A * S * H`. In total, behind Arbus 74 roles in film and television, from 1961 to 2000.

Arbus was born in New York (New York City) February 15, 1918, into a Jewish family. He was the son of a stockbroker Harry Arbus (Harry Arbus) and his wife Rose (Rose Arbus). Allan was in high school, DeWitt Clinton High School in The Bronx (Bronx), and it was then interested in music and the actor`s craft, playing in school plays. He was a great lover of music and before becoming an actor is rumoredI played the clarinet in the records of Benny Goodman (Benny Goodman).

In the 40s Arbus was a photographer in the US Army. In 1946, demobilized, he and his first wife, the future famous photographer Diane Arbus (Diane Arbus), nee Nemerov (Nemerov), with which they were married in 1941, opened an advertising photoBusiness in Manhattan (Manhattan). Allan Diana knew syunosti and eighteen Diana, who grew up in a very wealthy family, married his childhood love, eager to get rid of parental care. Arbus became famous primarily due to advertising images, which appeared in the pages of `Glamour`,` Seventeen`, `Vogue`,`Harper`s Bazaar` and other popular magazines, as well as an advertising campaign ` Russek`s`, expensive department store on Fifth Avenue, which belonged to the father of Diana. Edward Steichen (Edward Steichen), one of the most influential figures in the history of American photography, curated in 1955 the exhibition `The Family of Man`, which brought together the work of Arbus.

Professional partnership of husband and wife ended in 1956, when Diana left the business ; even after they officially parted three years. Allan some vremprodolzhal career as a photographer, but committed to her at the time of the divorce in 1969. Although Arbus this time for ten years did not live together, they managed to maintain good relations. Alas, in 1971, Diana ,suffering from severe depression, he committed suicide. The couple had two children, Dong (Doon Arbus), writer and art director, and Amy (Amy Arbus), also became a photographer.

After the breakup of his first marriage and photo business Arbus decided to leave behind the photo and take a new career you`ve always dreamed of - to become an actor. This dream did not give him rest from his school years, but when there was a family, you need to think about food, and then, many years ago, Allan decided not to exchange the correct piece of bread in the volatile actor`s happiness. Now he could afford it.

In 1969, he moved to California (California) and starred in several movies and television shows. Ups of his new career was obliged to starring in the cult film by Robert Downey Sr. (Robert Downey Sr.) ` Grisera` Palace in 1972. He also starred with Bette Davis (Bette Davis) in the television movie ` Scream, Pretty Peggy` in 1973 and Lacave got the role of Gregory (Gregory LaCava) in the biopic `WC Fields and Me` in 1976. But the real Arbus enjoyed popularity on television, where he played most of his roles. One of them was the role of Sidney Friedman in the series `M * A * S * H` of the military hospital.

Jobs Arbus `M * A * S * H` really helped his career as a character actor. He played a drunken sailor in the drama `Cinderella Liberty` (1973)drug dealer with strange sexual needs in a black insurgent `Coffy` (1973) and one of the many victims of the mystical thriller ` The Omen 2 : Demien` (Damien: Omen II, 1978) , but his work on television is much better known.

The last show, which starred ArbusIt became in 2000 the television comedy ` Curb Your pyl` (Curb Your Enthusiasm). Among other works Arbus on TV shows like ` Law and poryadok` (Law & Order), ` Metlok` (Matlock),` The heart of nochi` (In the Heat of the Night), ` Law Los Andzhelesa` (LA Law), ` Starsky and Hatch` (Starsky and Hutch) and` Fair Emi` (Judging Amy).In 1977 Allan married actress Merikler Costello (Mariclare Costello), it was his junior by 18 years ; their daughter Arin Arbus (Arin Arbus) was born.

Arbus died on April 19, 2013 of heart failure in Los Angeles (Los Angeles), at the age of 95 years.

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