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Alkaline Trio - melodic - punk trio from Chicago, the combination of a simple punk rock and dramatic, emotional lyrics with themes of alcoholism, pain, drug addiction and death.

The group was founded in 1996 ,originally consisted of : Matt Skiba (vocals, guitar) , Rob Doran (bass, vocals) and Glenn Porter (drums, vocals). After the release of Sundials EP in 1997. Robert Doran he was replaced by former bassist "Slapstick" Dan Andriano. Their first full album under the name Goddamnit was released in late 1998. After release Goddamnit ,trio released two more albums in 2000. In 2001, there was a significant change in the composition. Mike Felumli was replaced by former drummer of The Suicide Machines Derek Grant, who has remained in the group.

fifth "Crimson" album was released May 24, 2005. Alkaline Trio participated in several anthologies and Split EP : Alkaline Trio / Blue Meanies Split (1999) , Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music (2002) - a series of BYO Split Series, vol. 5 (Alkaline Trio / One Man Army) (2004) , "Division For The Peace vol 1 (2000) - Atticus:. Dragging the lake, vol 1 (2002) - Rock Against Bush vol 1 (2004) -.. Tony Hawk - American Westland Soundtrack (2005) - FlatOut 2 Soundtrack (2006).

In 2007 he released the album Remains, which is a compilation of the group `s singles. It also included a few covers of bands such as Hot Water Music, John Crawford, The Damned.