Alim Gadanov

Picture of Alim Gadanov

Date of Birth: 10/20/1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Nalchik

Citizenship: Russia


Gadanov Alim Shalauatovich - Russian athlete, a talented judoka, the owner of a large number of prizes and participant in various competitions, the Olympic tournament as well. Currently Alim Gadanov in favor of the Russian Army Sports Club and the city of Chelyabinsk. Athletes train under the supervision of experienced mentors - O. Saralpova and M.Hapsirokova. In August 2008, the judoka took part in the Summer Olympics, which were held in the capital of China - Beijing. The Olympic tournament Alim made in the weight category up to 66 kilos and took fifth place, behind the athlete from Cuba - Yordanis Arensebii.

Alim Gadanov was born in the city of Nalchik, in Kabardino-Balkaria - October 20, 1983,. Sooner became interested in sports. At the age of reason seriously engaged in judo - initially under the leadership capable trainer - O. Saralpova - which, by the way, the athlete trains to this day.

Alim turned gifted judoka and quickly achieved success - he has actively competed in tournaments, local scale, attracting the attention of specialists.

In 2004, the year Gadanov was included in the Russian national team, then went out anew level - is of international importance.

In the 2005`s judoka to compete at the European Championship (with participants under 23 years of ex) and was awarded second place. After - in the year 2006 - the judoka took part in the Russian Championship and scored - Alim superbly acted and won first place.

In 2007, the year of Alim Gadanov competed in team performance at the European Championship, won a bronze medal and again caught the attention of fans and judo expert.

Later, the athlete took part in the pre-Olympic qualifying competition, the results of which was awarded the Olympic license and the possibility of competing in the Beijing Olympics.

This event inspired sportsman and brought him on full alert - Alim was convinced that the long, hard training were not in vain, and he would win an Olympic medal. But fate decreed otherwise.

Alim Gadanov failed to demonstrate its own - the best - performing. Athlete ranked fifth.

Currently Alim continues to train normally.

Ahead - new important tournaments. Potential Gadanova great, but because it is not yet time will be able to excel.