Alice Hamilton

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Date of Birth: 02/27/1869

Age: 101

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States


Hamilton was born in New York (New York City, New York), has grown - in Fort Wayne, Indiana (Fort Wayne, Indiana). She was the second of four daughters Montgomery (Montgomery Hamilton) Hamilton and Gertrude (Gertrude Hamilton). The girls were extremely close throughout their childhood; I have not stopped their friendship in the future. Alice studied first at home, then - at school Miss Porter (Miss Porter`s School) in Farmington, Connecticut (Farmington, Connecticut).

The degree of Doctor of Medicine received the Alice in 1893, at the Medical Faculty of the University of Michigan (University of Michigan Medical School); later she took an internship at the Hospital for Women and Children in Minneapolis (Minneapolis Hospital for Women and Children), and the Hospital for Women and Children in New England (New England Hospital forWomen and Children).

Some time Hamilton studied bacteriology and pathology at the Universities of Munich (Munich) and Leipzig (Leipzig); Back in the States, she continued her studies at the Faculty of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins University). In 1897, Alice moved to Chicago (Chicago); after some time, she received a professor of pathology at the Women`s School of Medicine at Northwestern University (Woman`s Medical School of Northwestern University). At the same time Hamilton has been involved in the activities of `Hull House` - created by Jane Addams (Jane Addams) project to create settlements. Hamilton lived with the poorest members of the project - and, of course, became interested in the problems that these poor people have to face.

Elisuvleklas study of occupational health and occupational diseases - the area in the era of the Industrial Revolution are extremely important. In 1907 Hamilton began studying foreign literature on the subject - and quickly realized that in America, this branch of medicine is just in its infancy. Alice realized that it will make a difference to her - and in 1908 published the first article on this topic.

In 1910 Hamilton was one of the members of occupational diseases Illinois Commission (Occupational Diseases Commission of Illinois) - the first committee of its kind in the States. Over the next 10 years, Alice took part in the study of a number of related occupational health problems - both the state level and the level of the whole country. Gradually, Hamilton chose a specialization boleeuzkuyu - she decided to study industrial toxins and their effects on the body of the workers. Established Alice became the first laboratory in the country; the results of her research have produced a revolution in uniform occupational health.

In 1919, Hamilton became an assistant professor in the Department of Occupational Health at Harvard Medical School (Harvard Medical School); to her female teachers were not at this school. From 1924 till 1930 the first Alice was the only woman of the Health Committee of the League of Nations (League of Nations Health Committee).

In 1935, Alice Hamilton left Harvard and became a consultant to the government of one of the committees; finally due to Harvard Alice, however, has not severed.

Alice Hamilton, died September 22, 1970 th; at the time of death, she was 101 years old.

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