Alice Gross

Picture of Alice Gross

Age: 14

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The mysterious death of 14-year-old British women

Yesterday `Alice Gross` deal formally considered the case of the disappearance; Unfortunately, recent findings led investigators to transfer the case to a completely different, far less pleasant category. Now it is known that Alice Gross has been killed; Moreover, the police even have a suspect in the murder of a girl.

The search for 14-year-old schoolgirl lasted a month and 2 days; parents raised the alarm when Alice had not returned home from a night out on the channel. The last live Alice Gross has seen CCTV camera; girl walking on the banks of the canal in the western part of London. After 10 minutes `glaza` same camera caught someone Arnis Zalkalns (Arnis Zalkalns), a civilian employee, previously convicted for murder. Arnis crossed the same bridge as Alice. At the moment it Zalkalns is the prime suspect in the case of Gross; the reason for this is not a mere spatio-temporal coincidence - Police found it strange also that since the disappearance of Alice Arnis and has not been seen.

Where is Alice`s body was found, the police have not yet disclosed; it is known that the police cordon was about three miles from the place where Gross was last seen. It is also known that the river flows into the channel along the shore which Alice was walking in the vicinity of the place of her disappearance.

Formally identify the procedure to carry out is yet to be, however, little doubt that it was able to find Alice, no one has. Do not talk at the moment about the accident; investigators emphasized that someone really tried to hide the body from prying eyes. At Grosse still have a glimmer of hope that in the course of an accurate analysis of the body found discover that their daughter does not belong; On the other hand, as evidence of Alice`s body can be absolutely invaluable - at least, criminologists can find out exactly what happened to the girl in the last moments of her life. Apparently, the police already have a DNA sample of the main suspect; any third-party DNA that are found on the body of Gross, will be checked carefully. Most important for the investigation, and will represent the character of Alice received wounds. Unfortunately, a large amount of evidence can not count - after the alleged death of Gross, took too much time, and much of the potential evidence could during this time simply collapse.

Rosalind Hodzhkiss (Rosalind Hodgkiss) and Jose Gross (Jose Gross) is now clearly experiencing a very, very difficult times; Of course, the uncertainty of it all the time tormented them badly, but such certainty can hardly serve as a good utesheniemPoka that the police continue to search for their main suspect. Arnis Zalkalns previously lived in Ealing (Ealing), with his girlfriend and young daughter. Find it, alas, it turned out to be very, very difficult; men do not have a passport, cell and he does not use a bank account does not touch. It is known that at one time Arnis spent 7 years in the Latvian prison; 17 years ago, the men killed his 22-year-old wife Ruditu, subsequently tried to get rid of her corpse. Later, the killer even managed to convince the police and the wife`s relatives that his wife mysteriously disappeared; Only after a while detectives were able to find out what happened to Ruditoy actually. Do Arnis Zalkalns returned to the curve track the killer, or its appearance on the camera shortly after Alice - a mere coincidence? While it is difficult to say, but the disappearance of Arnis looks very suspicious.