Ali Gedi

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Citizenship: Somalia


Ali Mohamad Ghedi (Ali Mohammed Ghedi) - born in Mogadishu, Somalia`s capital. It belongs to the Hawiye clan, Mogadishu, one of the two most influential families in the country. The doctor is a veterinarian by training, Gedi was in Somalia and Italy. He engaged in research and teaching at the National University of Somalia. After the start of the 1991 civil war and the closure of the university he worked in the livestock industry. Supervised international program to combat animal diseases in Somalia. In addition, in public life: he became a founding member and president of the Association of non-governmental organizations to Somalia, which is actively involved in the peace process to resolve the conflict.

In October 2004, the negotiation process has led to the fact that the meeting in Kenya, Somalia parliament in exile elected to the presidency, Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed. The new head of state belonged to the second of the major clans of the country - Darod - and not popular in the capital. This explains the choice to head the interim government a little-known in political circles Gedi. However, he was not even a member of Parliament, and before the election for prime minister one of the deputies specially vacated the seat for him. Gedi was confirmed as prime minister in December 2004.

The armed conflict in Somalia continued, and in November 2005 a group of militants made an unsuccessful attempt on the life of Gedi. In June 2006, militants of the Islamist group the Council of Islamic Courts of Somalia (SICC) established control over Mogadishu. In September 2006, he was attacked President Abdullah Yusuf. He, like Ghedi, managed to survive.

At the end of 2006 in the confrontation between the government forces and Islamists Ethiopian military intervened. Somali and Ethiopian troops ousted the Islamists from most occupied their positions and took control of Mogadishu. Gedi demanded the militants surrender. January 8th intervened in the conflict the United States - they attacked suspected militant positions SICC, which US authorities accused of having links with the terrorist network "Al-Qaeda".

Ali Mohamad Gedi married, he has children.