Ali Benflis

Picture of Ali Benflis

Date of Birth: 09/08/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: Batna

Nationality: Algeria


The new prime minister of Algeria, the President of the country has appointed one of his closest associates of Ali Benflisa. He was born September 8, 1944 in the town of Batna in the east. His brother and father were killed during the war for independence. Secondary education in the city of Constanta, a law degree - in the capital. At one time he worked in the court of Blida, then - in the central office of the Ministry of Justice.

He has held the post of the prosecutor of the republic in the city Batna, was the Attorney General in Constanta. After that he engaged in the practice of law. In 1987 he founded the Algerian League for Human Rights.

In 1988 he was given the post of Minister of Justice. In 1991, on its own initiative, he resigned and was in a "special holiday" for several years. In 1997 he was elected a deputy of the parliament and became a member of the Politburo of the ruling party National Liberation Front.

In 1999 he headed the election headquarters of the future president Abdelaziz Bouteflika. After his victory was the General Secretary Office of the President, and then appointed director of the office of the President. A strong supporter of the policy of national reconciliation.