Algirdas Brazauskas

Picture of Algirdas Brazauskas

Date of Birth: 09/22/1932

Age: 77

Place of birth: Rokiskis

Citizenship: Lithuania


In Lithuania remembered that old horse furrow not spoil, and to the 12th anniversary of its independence formed the 12th in a row the government headed by Algirdas Brazauskas. In September, the veteran Lithuanian political scene will turn 69 years old.

After Gorbachev announced perestroika became the first secretary of the Lithuanian Communist Party. Party reformed - it was called the Labour Democratic Party - and led her from the jurisdiction of Moscow. In 1992 he became chairman of the Lithuanian Seimas, and a year later - the head of state. In October, 97-year, with a good chance to win again in the presidential elections, suddenly declares that "the way it is necessary to give way to young." However, if the election won by Valdas Adamkus, who is much older than Brazauskas besides came from the United States.

But Brazauskas against the grain had to be retired "number one", even with the breech cottage, a car with a driver, a security guard. And he made his fourth coming to power, this time as premier. When asked what prompted him Natak step, he said: "I can not sit at home idly by and watch as the situation in the country uhudschaetsya. The government - weak, not able to manage. The soul aches for the people who live badly, especially pensioners." In his first speech as prime minister he stated that "neither Moscow nor Brussels Lithuanians not a decree. Let yourself get out of the difficulties."