Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt I

Picture of Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt I

Date of Birth: 10/20/1877

Age: 37

Citizenship: Ireland


Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt I was born on October 20, 1877. He is the son of Cornelius Vanderbilt II (Cornelius Vanderbilt II), the beloved grandson of the founder of the dynasty of Cornelius Vanderbilt (Cornelius Vanderbilt), and his wife Alice Gwynn Claypool (Alice Claypoole Gwynne), the well-known philanthropist. Alfred had three brothers and three sisters. He attended a private boarding school St. Paul`s School in New Hampshire (New Hampshire), and then went to Yale University (Yale University), where he joined the secret society Skull and `kosti` (Skull & Bones), in which invited only the elect.

His older brother William Henry Vanderbilt II (William Henry Vanderbilt II), the main heir to the family fortune, died in 1892 at age 22. The second oldest son of Cornelius Vanderbilt III (Cornelius Vanderbilt III) married against the wishes of parents and the family has been subjected practically ostracized - the father deprived of his inheritance. Therefore, all the state of his father, who died in 1899, net of the younger son isester and ensuring mother moved to Alfred. Among the many holdings inherited third son, had several railway companies and the company `Pullman Palace Car Company`, which produced luxury cars.

In January of 1901, Alfred married an heiress Ellen French (Ellen French), have, in addition to state, excellent connections. In the same year, Ellen gave birth to their first son William Henry Vanderbilt III (William Henry Vanderbilt III), who later became governor of Rhode Island (Rhode Island). The scandal broke in April 1908, when Ellen`s filed for divorce, accusing her husband of infidelity with the wife of the Cuban attache Agnes O`Brien Ruiz (Agnes O`Brien Ru & # 237; z). Agnes eventually committed suicide; Ellen married a second time, but only after 10 years.

After the divorce, Alfred lived a long time in London and married there the second time in December 1911, a wealthy American divorcee Margaret Emerson (Margaret Emerson). They had two children - Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt II (Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt II), b. 1912 - d. 1999 became a businessman, and George Washington Vanderbilt III (George Washington Vanderbilt III), b. 1914 - d. 1961 yachtsman and scientific researcher. After Alfred`s death, Margaret was married twice more and died in 1960, aged 75 years.

Vanderbilt was an avid sportsman. He was particularly fond of hunting foxes and horse carriages, and practiced old English methods used centuries ago. He was a kind of social club of millionaires in the environment that have developed complex routes and then travels to several states. Vanderbilt often operated by a crew dressed as a coachman or a groom. As for fox hunting, then it was she who was the cause of the fact that Alfred was on `Luzitanii` May 7, 1915 - on his way to England to buy a hunting ih dogs and horses.

May 1, 1915 Alfred Anderbilt, first-class passenger, boarded `Luzitanii` heading for Liverpool (Liverpool). This was a business trip, and he was traveling, leaving the family home in New York. May 7 off County Cork, Ireland (County Cork, Ireland), a German U-boat torpedoed ship and a huge ship sank 18 minutes. Died in 1198 from 1959 passengers on board.

Vanderbilt and his valet Denayer Ronald (Ronald Denyer) helped the other passengers to climb into the lifeboat, and then Alfred gave his lifejacket woman with a small child in her arms and he fastened it to her. It was a desperate act in his courage, because he could not swim in the boats was full, and yet Vanderbilt gave his only chance of survival woman with a child. Both he and Robert Denayer were among those killed. Alfred Vanderbilt`s body was found.

There is a sad irony in the fact that in April 1912, Alfred at the last moment changed his mind to return to the United States at the infamous `Titanike` (RMS Titanic).