Alexey Galahov

Picture of Alexey Galahov

Date of Birth: 01/13/1807

Age: 85

Place of birth: Sapozhok

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics at Moscow University. From 1832, he began teaching at the Moscow Institute of Russian language and literature, from the mid 30s acts as a critic and scholar of literature Russian XVIII - early XIX centuries. In 1856 he moved to St. Petersburg, to the chair of Russian literature at the Academy of the General Staff, he headed until his death. From 1865 to 1882 he was also a professor of Russian literature at the St. Petersburg Institute of History and Philology. Since 1867 - a member of the Society of Russian slovestnosti, 1868 - corresponding member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences.

Already in the 1820s, I put the article in the "Store of Natural History, Physics and Chemistry" IA Dvigubskaya later - scientific and literary articles "Moscow Telegraph" and "Son of the Fatherland" NA Field, "telescope", " Moscow Gazette "M. Pogodin," literary newspaper "," Literary adding to the Russian Invalid "," Athenaeum "EF Korsch," St. Petersburg Gazette "AA Krajewski and VF Korsch," Contemporary "," Russian Antiquity "," Journal of Europe "," Russian stage "and others. The closest Galakhov stood for "Notes of the Fatherland" AA Krajewski, where he worked from 1839 to 1856. Some of his articles under the pseudonym "One hundred and one."

Popularity Galakhova mainly based on his teaching manuals on the history of Russian literature, is extremely popular in the second half of the XIX century.

More than any other it was popular "Russian Reader", from 1842, the 33 edition do1910 endured. At the beginning of the XX century it has lost its value and was considered commonplace (though - especially pedagogical character); but at the time she was a literary event, because it introduced into the school everyday life of the "new" for the time writers as Lermontov, Gogol, Turgenev. Among other teaching aids Galakhova "Historical Reader" withstood four editions, "Russian Reader for Children" - 6 editions, "Historical Readings of a new period of Russian literature" - 16 editions, "Textbook History of Russian Literature" - 15 publications.

A valuable contribution to the scientific development of the history of Russian literature was the "History of Russian Literature, Ancient and Modern" (1863-1875, 3rd edition in 1894), but not in all its parts - the author made a follower of the "aesthetic" of criticism. It is best familiar with the literature of the XVIII and early XIX centuries, on these periods Galakhov considered one of the most respected scholars of his time. When the first edition of the labor Galakhova (1863) was presented at the competition of the Uvarov Prize, criticized his NS Tikhonravov (one of the most important representatives of Russian historical-cultural school) presented in his report as supplements that in the second edition (1880), the author refused independent development of a number of sections devoted to the ancient history of Russian literature, and attracted to cooperate Veselovsky, AI Kirpichnikova, Op. F. Miller, P. O. Morozova.