Alexey Bodalev

Picture of Alexey Bodalev

Date of Birth: 10/13/1923

Age: 91

Place of birth: Sarapul

Citizenship: Russia


Born October 13, 1923 in the city of Sarapul, an autonomous republic of Udmurtia. Specialist in the field of general and social psychology. He graduated from the Department of Psychology Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Leningrad (1950), worked as a teacher of logic and psychology and class teacher 207th School of Leningrad (1949-1956), PhD (1953), Doctor of Psychology (1966), Professor (1967) Head. Department of General Psychology Department of Psychology LSU (1969), Dean of the Faculty of Psychology LSU (1972-1976), Dean of the Faculty of Moscow State University of Psychology. MV University and head. Department of General Psychology (1979-1986).

B. The Centre organized a psychological support to the family at the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University (1979-1986), head of laboratory of the Institute of Psychology of communication Psychological RAO ??(1976-1994), chief researcher and head of the research group: "Psychology of communication, development and rehabilitation of personality" Psychological Institute RAO (since 1993 the really time), and at the same time professor of the department of psychology of work and engineering psychology Faculty of psychology of Moscow State University (1993).

B. Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR (1971), Academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR (1978), vice-president of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (1986-1989), Academician of the Russian Academy of Education (1993), academician of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences (since 1993) akmeologicheskih International Academy of Sciences (since 1993), member of the International Association of scientific psychology and a member of its Assembly (1976-1988), academician of the International Academy of pedagogical Sciences (since 1994). Government awards: the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1983), the medal "For the Defense of Leningrad" (1943), "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945" (1946) and other medals.

Areas of research: general, pedagogical, social psychology, Psychology. Thesis: "The formation demands of himself in the senior schoolboy", the theme of the doctoral thesis "The perception and understanding of the human person." In his doctoral dissertation, and in subsequent works for the first time in the domestic psychological science has consistently been covered phenomenology of knowledge of man by man - the processes of perception, memory, imagination, thinking, actualizing people have when they interact with each other. It was traced the relationship between the main characteristics of the process, especially the need-motivational sphere of the persons involved in communication, as well as their behavior. Reveals the differences in the manifestations of these processes of value-orientation areas in the behavior at the interpersonal interaction, depending on age, gender, profession, participants in the communication. patterns and mechanisms of formation of first impression for the first time in the national psychology systematically studied about the other person.

B - one of the first in the domestic science of man opened the subject of Psychology - a science that has emerged at stykeestestvennyh, social sciences and humanities, and studies the development of man as an individual, and the individual as the subject of activity in the stage of maturity, especially when it reaches the highest level in this development .

In different years at LSU, the MSU AB offers courses in general psychology, social perception and psychology of interpersonal communication, basics of general and applied acmeology. Under his leadership, produced 119 master`s and 24 doctoral theses.

He published about 400 scientific papers, 50 of them - in foreign languages. Major works: Human Perception of man (1965); Formation of the concept of the identity of another person (1970); Personality and communication (1983); Fundamentals of psychodiagnostics (co-author Ed 1988..); Psychology of personality (1989); Psychology of communication (1996);

On the subject of Occupational (1993); Theoretical Foundations of Social Psychology (soavt. and scientific. Ed. 1996); How to become great or outstanding? (Et al. 1997).