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Girl with a water allergy

Allergies to peanuts or bee - something unpleasant and often deadly; however, observing certain limitations, to avoid unpleasant consequences in such cases is not so difficult. Alexander Allen suffers from the condition of a much more dangerous and which significantly complicates her life - it hurts. ..allergic to water.

Interesting career Allen Alexander chose himself as a child - is a little girl she knew for sure that in the future will become a marine biologist, and will live on a yacht. Alas, these plans were not destined to come true -it turned out that the girl is the owner of a rather unpleasant allergies that places on its plans for bold cross. Allergies in young Allen caused no fish and sea salt - a situation where the situation was worse than both; as it became known, Alexander suffered from allergy to water.

The problem first appeared, when she was 12 years old;it happened during a family vacation. Soldier like swim in the hotel pool was over quite unexpected consequences - the night the girls skin began to itch sharply and covered with sores. Awakening proved extremely unpleasant; for some time she spent in the bathroom, desperately trying not to comb itself to the blood.The situation is somewhat simplified when the mother brought the girl a little Benadryl; Alexander remembered discomfort, however, for a long time.

Unfortunately, the conclusions from what happened Allen and her mother have done wrong, though quite logical -they decided that Alexander was the victim of an allergy to bleach or somethingsomething similar from `basseynovoy` chemistry. Having made a conclusion note, Allen decided in the future as much as possible to avoid swimming pools. Alas, after a while it became clear that it was not possible to decide in such a way the whole problem -similar symptoms appeared when Alexander decided to go for a swim in a normal lake. Lake was well known including the purity of its water, so this time manifested allergic reactions attributed to the chemicals do not get any.

In 15 years, Alexander Allen came across - almost by accident - an interesting web site;This site wore a medical nature and described akvagennuyu hives. The victims of this state showed an extremely painful reaction when their skin touched ordinary water and in general is characterized by increased dryness of the skin and eyes. I thought about what they read, Allen realized that her symptoms article describes almost perfectly;having visited a dermatologist, Alexander discussed with him his theory - and it has been fully confirmed.Medic assembled an impromptu consultation and has held a number of additional tests to confirm the diagnosis; among others, Alexander had to spend some time in a water bath - which, I must say, it was a real torture for her.Akvagennaya hives - the phenomenon is extremely rare; According spetsialist-dermatologist Meditsinskogo plant Kornella Kenneth Barney (Barney J. Kenet), of dannyy moment dokumentalyno described about polusotni sluchaev. Medic izuchayut Eto sostoyanie in uchebnyh zavedeniyah, odnako virtually stolknutysya with neem prihoditsya not much.In Bra Eto sostoyanie not yavlyaetsya `presents, allergiey`, although the symptoms of the difference is not so great - visually disease is manifested as an allergy severe enough level. The problem lies in the fact that the reaction can occur on occasions quite trivial - victim status not only have to avoid swimming in pools and lakes,and sleet; Furthermore, often the reaction may provoke even sweat or tears. In the few available danym, women suffer from this condition more often than men; often for the first time the disease appears after the start of puberty.

What causes this most unpleasant condition - yet not really clear; at physicians have a number of theories,but no clear evidence. Some believe that the reason lies in the sweat glands of the skin, producing a toxin which causes an allergic reaction; other sin to antigens that cause the immune system to produce antibodies, absorbed into the skin after dissolving in water and precipitating backfire. However,reasons for Alexandra Allen is not so important - the more so that ways to solve their problems, they do not offer; more important than the fact that now the girl has to be, as much as possible to avoid any contact with water. As admitted herself Allen, live in such a difficult time.Swimming from the list of acceptable hobby had deleted immediately. Most refuse to wash Alexander failed, however, and here Allen has found a loophole - it became a vegetarian, than seriously reduce oiliness of the skin. Along the way, Allen avoids excessive exercise; All this together allows her to take a shower 2-3 times a week, and very,very quickly.

Over time, the situation is, alas, hardly will recover - to itself, this kind of disease is aggravated. Most recently, Alexander had a chance encounter with his sister in distress - and she told that to a certain point even drink only Diet Coke can. Allen, however, tries to look at the situation with optimism -and yet it is her pretty well.

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