Alexandr Pankratov-cherny

Picture of Alexandr Pankratov-cherny

Date of Birth: 06/28/1949

Age: 67

Place of birth:. D Konevo

Citizenship: Russia



His path in art Pankratov-Cherny started early enough. He was born in a poor family with many children, where the children do not know what the feeling of satiety. Brother and sister Sasha even died of starvation. Father although he returned from the war alive, but in 1952 died of old wounds, his mother struggled to barely make ends meet. Therefore, after the end of the seven-year acting in the Gorky Theatre School, Pankratov-Cherny knew that no one will help him. We must learn to rely on himself.

Recalls the actor: "As a child living in poverty - one of us brought up the mother Yes, and when I was 13 years old ran away from home to drama school to do, it is better not to become Mom and sister sent me every week package with a piece of bacon, potatoes and huge letter... Local guys have noticed that I have every week on a huge parcel get to have decided that I am rich, and once ambushed, beaten and taken away the parental message got me half-dead to the apartment suddenly up Look -..! again boys and they were on his feet. shuffling, hands me a parcel, "boy, you really do not get angry!" To see, to see poverty - ashamed. "

Clearly, in those particularly difficult years for him, and now he helps the artist to experience the difficulties of his cheerful disposition and easy character, but still natural adventurism, which itself Pankratov-Cherny calls "the ability to fantastic tricks". This is probably why a child he dreamed of becoming a clown. But fate Pankratov-black turned out differently.

Theatre. Director

In 1969, after graduating from the acting department of the Gorky Theater School, he worked as an actor of Penza Drama Theater. And then I decided to become a director and in 1976 zakonchilrezhissersky VGIK (workshop Yefim Dzigan). By the way, I was born in VGIK prefix to his name - Black, which he is obliged to color their hair, and that the course had proved namesake.


For a long time was considered imperceptible provincial actor Pankratov-Cherny suddenly becomes famous after starred in 1978 in the role of Sasha in the film A. Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky "Sibiriada". But the real popularity came to him only a few years. In 1983, he starred in the film "We Are from Jazz" and played the role of a young artist, tap dancer in the movie "Winter Evening in Gagra", where they turned a touching magnificent duo of Evgeny Evstigneev. The work in the film "We Are from Jazz" his most beloved role finds himself Pankratov-Cherny. There, he first got the opportunity to speak in all the splendor of his comedic talents. That`s why he wants that to Karen Shakhnazarov wrote something else like that, where the actor can demonstrate their outstanding abilities comedian.

Among his other works in the cinema audience Gennady memorable role in the film "Where is nofelet?", Which was released in 1987. Here his talent was revealed on the other side - as a great dramatic actor. In addition, Pankratov-Cherny is rezhisserom- director of several films. In 1979, he took a picture of "adult son", and in 1982 - "The Adventures of Count Nevzorov".


However, Pankratov-Cherny - a comprehensive gifted person. Back in the sixties, as a schoolboy, he wrote poems that were published in magazines "Volga", "Youth", and later his poems appeared in the newspaper "Soviet Culture" and "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and Pankratov-black in 1996, a collection of poetry was released separate edition. Author of poetry books "Steps to poetry" (1999), for which he was admitted to the Union of Writers of Russia.

He`s good dancing, singing and going to please the audience playing a musical instrument, when a little brush up. The main thing - the desire to give pleasure to themselves and to the audience.


Mindful of their short-lived sports, Pankratov-Cherny is committed to helping to become strong and healthy modern kids. So he headed the sports development fund and the social protection of children with disabilities, which is called "Our Generation". This fund is also a sports school in Shabolovka, where guys come from six to eighteen years of age. The Foundation oversees and orphanages.

Charitable Pankratov-Cherny is engaged quite deliberately. For him the main thing - to support those in need. After all, it once supported by many of those who are no longer alive, and those who remain and are now close. Among his friends Pankratov-Cherny Burkova calls G., V. Spiridonov, A. Dahl, B. Khmelnitsky, with whom they love to celebrate birthdays, when one sings and the other reads poetry to each other. One such joint celebration took place even in San Francisco.


Probably Pankratov-Cherny thanks to its broad nature and was in politics, to be exact - was engaged in social activities. In the fall of 1995, he entered the parliamentary elections in the electoral list of the electoral bloc, which consisted of parties focused on social protection of the Russian citizens. These included the party of protection of pensioners and veterans, health protection, education, science and culture, protection of youth, justice, party, environmental protection and others. However, the election block has not received the required number of votes in the current Duma is not represented.

His position is formulated as an actor: "Adhere to the most that neither is a human and democratic views ... The more educated, literate people close to science and culture, in the Duma, so I think more will consent." He advocated the revival of Stolypin`s reform program and believes that farmers should be given the right and the earth. Communism concept specific to him because his grandfather died in Stalin`s camps. Pankratov-Cherny and acts against fascism. Among his associates he calls N. Mikhalkov, M. Boyarsky, NV Gundareva, O. Basilashvili, D. Davitashvili.


Of course, it largely helps his wife Julia, who voluntarily assumes duty nurse, secretary, chef. Well function Toastmasters Pankratov-Cherny no one will give. Not so he built a cottage for all the family and friends.

Son Vladimir actor, despite his young age (he was born in 1980), has received an invitation to transmit on the rock `n` roll, which, but his father believes, knows, everything seems.

Says the actor: "He first year journalism student, and then Yuri Nikulin tells him:"... Throw you this thing - go to the circus "Volodya went to circus school teachers called - could not praise enough, a boy And after Andropov`s death He threw circus and enrolled in GITIS, and now the first course ends but I the son of nothing shows -. shy, but my friends came with a video camera and filmed his performance I looked, and, you know, came to the conclusion that he could not this be done. ".