Alexandr Loye

Picture of Alexandr Loye

Date of Birth: 07/26/1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Own path to the cinema began with Sasha`s great hair and freckles. "You want to be in the movies?" - The standard phrase I heard many years ago and a five-year Sasha Loye. Together with his parents he was resting in the suburbs, and nearby, the manor "Valuevo" filmed "Dubrovsky". "Oh, what a red-haired man! - Cried the assistant director. - That we and need. "

The episode, which featured little Sasha along with actor Andrew Smolyakova was small, but the filmmakers boy noticed. Soon followed an invitation from the Sverdlovsk film studio - the main role in the film "Trant Ventoux." Parents grabbed his head: one child did not let go, and to break vacation at work - a headache.

Mom put her firmly on the table Head of two applications: on vacation at his own expense and, in the event of failure, to the dismissal of their own accord ...

At the shooting she drove her son books and soup in a thermos. I tried to be helpful crew: and with a cracker was running, and the profession montazhnitsa mastered, and starred in the episodes when it was needed.

In Sasha`s biography - nine films, twelve "Jumble" stories, seven commercials. And ... a pause of five years in length. malokartinya period when movies were filmed almost. Then followed an invitation from the director Oleg Fomin vserial