Alexandr Gorelik

Picture of Alexandr Gorelik

Date of Birth: 04/11/1931

Age: 76

Place of birth: Rogachev

Citizenship: Russia


At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the family was evacuated to Tatarstan (Tatarstan).

1944 - started working at a local farm accounting clerk

In 1954 he graduated with honors from the Leningrad State University. In the same year, it was distributed in the Vologda region, where 6 years and worked as an investigator District Attorney.

1960 enrolled in graduate school of the same Leningrad University, at the Department of Criminal Law.

1961 - began teaching.

In 1963 he received a distribution in Krasnoyarsk State University

In 1964 he defended his thesis on "Criminal liability for leaving in danger."

In 1991 - a doctoral thesis on "The punishment for cumulative crimes and sentences."

In 1992 he was awarded the title of professor.

Since 1997 Corresponding Member of the Siberian Branch of the HS

He headed the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Faculty of Law of the Krasnoyarsk State University.

Most of the work Gorelik AS It is associated with higher education. He walked official level from senior lecturer to the head of the department. In the Krasnoyarsk State University working since 1969.

Gorelik AS He is widely known as a writer, a speaker at the pages of national and local newspapers and magazines. Known not only in the region but also in Russia and abroad, Alexander Solomonovich acquired through advocacy, where he worked for over 15 years. A.S.Gorelik one of the founders and head of the Krasnoyarsk Public Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, a member of the Commission on Human Rights under the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Member of the Board of the Russian section of the International Society for Human Rights, participated actively in the Russian and international human rights conferences. Over the years, the Committee to Protect the rights of citizens were examined thousands of applications and hundreds of judicial errors are corrected, and law students are trained to obtain practical material. Over the past four years Obschestvennyykomitet Alexander Gorelik won 141 cases, resorting, if necessary, and the Constitutional and European courts and seeking correction of judicial errors.

He participated in many human rights conferences and seminars in Russia and abroad, in particular, human rights organizations represented at the meeting of the OSCE in Vienna (1999) and the session of the UN Committee against Torture in Geneva (2002). At the request of the Council of Europe has carried out scientific editing of the Russian-language translation of the book "Human Rights and Police" (2002). During his career, Alexander Gorelik awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." Commemorative medals and the medal "Veteran of Labour", he was awarded the honorary title "Honoured Lawyer of the Russian Federation."

A. Gorelik has published about 100 scientific works, including monographs: "Assignment of punishment on set of" (Krasnoyarsk, 1975), "The punishment for multiple offenses and sentences: principles, legislation, judicial practice" (Krasnoyarsk, 1991), " crime and punishment in the Russian Federation: the popular comment of the criminal Code of the Russian Federation "(1998, co-authored)," Crimes in the economic sphere and against the interests of service in commercial and other organizations "(1998, co-authored)," Competition of criminal law `( 1998), and OE It is one of the authors of today`s comments to the criminal code and the compiler of bibliographies on criminal law, covering the period from 1961 to 1995, published in Moscow (1983), Krasnoyarsk (1987) and St. Petersburg (1996) .

The scientific papers on the basis of the principles of criminal law studied the complex problems associated with convictions for multiple offenses and sentences - imposition of punishment, exemption from punishment, procedural issues, official crime, etc.

For more than 40 years of teaching experience, Alexander Solomonovich trained many lawyers. Most practitioners of law enforcement bodies of Krasnoyarsk region - his former students.