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General millionaire

Bokov was arrested on the night of 19 January, exactly under the Epiphany. In his apartment was searched. The development of general engaged in their own security management staff of the FSB and the main investigation department of the RF IC.

The detainee is the director of solid international structure, whose name in full sounds like the Office for the Coordination of the fight against organized crime and other dangerous crimes in the territory of the CIS states or abbreviated BKBOP CIS. Bokov previously headed the Main organizational-control inspector of the Interior Ministry, now the Organizational Inspection Department.

In addition to the general were also arrested his alleged accomplices. They turned out to be Director of the International Development Fund Cossacks Michael Kramer and director of "Stroibeton" Sergey Stepanov.

The main, albeit grudging at the facts version offered Investigative Committee. According to him, in 2005 Bokov, Stepanov and Kramer have convinced some entrepreneurs that can assist in the acquisition of a controlling stake in it one of the largest transport companies. Its services suspected estimated at 46 million over the next dollarov.V 2006 businessman gave them $ 4.5 million, apparently as advance payment, but has not received the expected result. As a result, without seeing any money or shares, resentful businessman complained to the police, who took intermediaries in rapid development.

The criminal case is filed under "fraud on a large scale", but it is possible that in the future it will add a few more offenses. From anecdotal evidence that emerged after reports of detention of the general, it can be concluded that its business consists of several episodes, each of which featured a hefty sum.

For example, the source of the agency "Rosbalt" refers to the three accomplices Bokova, with whom he extorted under various pretexts, 10 million dollars at the head of some transport companies, and 35 million in the same currency as the chairman of the board of a bank, and his wife. Have you managed to steal the money, not the source said. But he said that the suspect was not averse to raiding General. Another source told "Interfax" that the $ 10 million in transportnoyfirmy head still were abducted, and not through extortion and fraudulent manner.

Bokov topped desk, existing since 1993, in 2004, that is, all the alleged crimes he committed in the post of Coordinator of the CIS anti-mafia. The Bureau operates as an independent structure in the council of heads of the Ministry of Interior of countries - participants of the CIS. The headquarters office is located in the center of Moscow on Zhitnaya street adjacent to the main office of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", the side hit the international organization under the patronage of former Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev, with which it is associated kinship.

On the other defendants in the case knows little or nothing at all. According GZT.RU information, Kramer, who heads one of the many structures okolokazachih formerly was an officer of the GRU. The investigators have witnesses, victims and the factual basis from which, however, practically there were no leaks.

According to the chairman of the State Duma security committee Vladimir Vasilyev, Bokova arrest was the result of stepping up measures to combat corruption. The MP noted that the high-profile corruption cases are not a temporary campaign, but the result of systematic work, so he does not envy the officials, "who do not understand this time and not quit."

Investigation Committee reported on the detention Bokova stressed that the general director of the Bureau for the positions "was not endowed with managerial or administrative functions in the system of internal affairs agencies of the Russian Federation." Nevertheless, even without controlling and distributing, Bokov and his associates were able to purchase a variety of real estate in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as in Cyprus and the UK. Investigators suspect that it was purchased with funds obtained from criminal activities.

Meanwhile, the official property declaration Bokova stated in 2009 that it owns are only two hectares of land and flats, the area which just does not hold up to a hundred "squares." The total annual revenue of the general a little more than a million rubles.

Considering communication and laterally, can not be excluded that in may be other persons involved, including senior. In the near future a suspect measure of restraint and charged will be selected.