Alexander Zaitsev

Picture of Alexander Zaitsev

Date of Birth: 05/21/1926

Age: 73

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Father Joseph M. was born in 1888 in the village of Rogilevtsy Vasilishskoy parish Lida county Vilnius province in the Polish peasant family. After the death of his father, he and his mother Agatha (Agafia Martynovna) Hare (nee Kukharevich) moved to St. Petersburg, where he graduated from City College and then worked as an electrician at the plant engineer Greiman. After the revolution, enlisted in the Red Army in 1919, he joined the CPSU (b), was a member of the Leningrad City Council of the 14th convocation, headed by the Executive Committee of the Central district of Leningrad, and then Lenzhilupravlenie.V 1924 Joseph Zaitsev married second marriage to Gitel Berkovne Harabkovskoy born in 1893 in Nevel in a family of Jewish merchant of the first guild, overcame the Pale. After graduating from high school, she moved to St. Petersburg, studied in the years 1913-1915 in the courses at the Women`s Medical Institute, then worked as a dentist, and after the revolution, has taught in the dental institute.Dmitry Novokshonov about Alexander Iosifovich Zaitsev In 1936, Joseph Mikhailovich suspended from work, July 21, 1937 arrested and 17 February 1938 a visiting session of the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court, he was sentenced under article 58 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to death and executed. Gitel Berkovna was arrested in March 1938 and as a member of a family enemy of the people sentenced to 8 years in prison. Was released early in 1944, to rehabilitate in 1956, she lived in Tolmachevo (over 101 kilometers from Leningrad), and then with the family`s son until his death in 1988 godu.Aleksandr I. began to read the age of four, the second class was in 1 - second exemplary Central school district. After the parents` arrest, he lived with his grandmother Agatha to nachalavoyny. During the first winter of the siege she died, Alexander is very seriously ill, and took him to his mother`s sister, Mary B. Zilberbort. At the end of August 1942, they were evacuated to Petropavlovsk, and then to his uncle on his mother`s side to Ufa. After finishing school in 1944, he joined the history department of the Ufa Pedagogical Institute. The summer of 1945 he returned to Leningrad and entered the second, and, soon, ahead of passing the exams, he transferred to the third course of the Department of Classical Philology Faculty of Philology of Leningrad University. According to his work there in those years OM Freudenberg: January 21, 1947 he was arrested on charges of anti-Soviet agitation, and in November declared insane and appointed him to compulsory treatment in Kazan prison psychiatric hospital. This period of time is merely a (mostly fi) contained memories with him Vladimir Gusarov (son "satrap of Belarus"). In June 1954, AI Zaitsev was released in connection with the termination of business of the Leningrad City Court, but only the 30 September 1991, the Trial Chamber for Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation completely exonerates him. Restore to LSU on IV course, it is under the direction of Yakov Borovsky in 1956 with honors defended his thesis on "A fragment of the drama satyric ????????? ???????? (Rohu XX, 2245) "and was enrolled in the graduate school. In 1959 he became an assistant at the Department of Classical Philology, where he worked until his death. In the same year came the first scientific publication of Alexander Iosifovich. In 1964 he read the report on the VII EIPHNH international conference in Leningrad related to "Night council" in Plato (Laws XII 961 a - 969 d).