Alexander Voskresenskiy

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Citizenship: Russia


Father Alexander Abramovich (in 1809 - Deacon) priest died in 1814, leaving his mother`s arms, without any means, except for a small house, 2 sons and a daughter - youngsters. The local religious school and seminary Tver orphaned sons took on the diocesan account. Holschevnikov, religious school teacher in Torzhok, uncle of the Resurrection, the first to notice it special talents, and insisted on the need to further the teachings of the future Russian scientist. Resurrection Seminary graduated from the first and one of the few (with HH Tihomandritskim) entered the Main Pedagogical Institute.

Who graduated in 1836 and received a gold medal, was sent abroad, a constellation of the most famous and talented Russian professors, whom the Count Uvarov planned to replace the influx of foreign professors at Russian universities.

Trainee Hess, a former professor of chemistry at the Pedagogical Institute, studied the details of the Resurrection of chemical methods for studying abroad at such advanced scientists of the time like Mitcherlih, Rose and Magnus in Berlin Liebich - in Giessen. Laboratory recently in those years was the center where flocked from all over mipa learn a new area of ??research while organic (carbon) compounds. Liebig spoke of the Resurrection is one of the most talented among the whole mass of his disciples, which all difficult to give with ease, which is a precarious crossroads right to choose the best path, who loved and truly appreciated by others.

Here, Liebig in Giessen, Resurrection of the pupil has become a scientist, time to solve scientific questions, and 1838 (in