Alexander Volkov

Picture of Alexander Volkov

Date of Birth: 12/25/1951

Age: 64

Place of birth: Bryansk.

Citizenship: Russia


Born April 30, 1948 in Kiev, Russian.

In 1972 he graduated from the Engineering Faculty of the Kyiv Trade and Economic Institute. PhD in Political Science

(1998). In Soviet times, he worked in the trade. In 1989 he organized the production cooperative Decor, becoming its chairman in 1991 - the director of production and business of HBV and Production Association (PO) YOU. In 1992-94 - president of television Gravis.

Since 1993 - a member of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (USPP; UMB Chairman - Leonid Kuchma). From January 1993 to 1994 - Member of the Council of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Prime Minister (Prime - Leonid Kuchma).

In 1994, together with Valery Pustovojtenko, Dmytro Tabachnyk, Vladimir Ryzhov organized campaign Kuchma. From July 1994 to September 1998 - Assistant to the President of Ukraine, then a freelance adviser to the president, vice-chairman

Coordinating Council for Local Government and Deputy. Chairman of the Coordinating Council on Domestic Policy.

In March 1998, he nominated by the Verkhovna Rada N8 XIV convocation on the list of People`s Bloc. Economy. Procedure. (NEP), created by the Democratic Party of Ukraine (DPU) and the Party of economic recovery.

List NEP unit headed: DPU Chairman Bogdan Yavorivsky, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea Anatoly Gritsenko (SEW), General Vitaly Radetzky, n / a Ukraine Vladimir Bortnik, a doctor from Cherkasy Love Mayboroda. In addition, the list includes n / Yefim Zviagilskiy (former Prime Minister), S.Volkovetsky, P.Sheyko Vladimir Egudin, President V.Ryzhov aides, President of the International Union of Chernobyl Vladimir Shovkoshitny.

During the election campaign, SEW was virtually destroyed by law enforcement agencies (as is considered - repression was instigated by Prime Minister Pustovoitenko) leader Vladimir SEW Shevev fled to Armenia.

NEP unit has not overcome the 4-percent threshold, receiving 1.23% (1 seat by the majority system - Aleksandr Sviridov, still 1 mandate with the support unit - Anna Antoneva (Kirovohrad region).

In September 1998 by-elections to the Parliament of XIV legislature was elected deputy of Ukraine N208 district (Chernihiv region). Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Maternity and Childhood.

In November 1998 there was a split in the DPU, as a result of which a large part of the party went for Kirovograd biznesvumenshey Anna Antonevoy (vodka company Artemis). The media speculated that the split carried out by Volkova, but later he was in the party`s activities Antonevoy not interfere. In February 1999, on the initiative of A.Volkov dep.gruppa Revival it was established regions, which he entered as a private member.

In 1999 he organized a charity fund social protection, with branches in all fields.

In May 1999, based on the SOC fund structures Democratic Party of Ukraine Union was created (DSU), which became a member of the Board Alexander Volkov (Council Chairman - Oleg Rafalskiy). Volkov entered into an alliance with the Kiev financial and oil and gas group Grigory Surkis - Victor Medvedchuk, respectively DSU party entered into an alliance with a party led by them SDPU (o). August 21, 1999 was elected vice-president of the Football Federation of Ukraine (President - Grigory Surkis) .tom 1999 fund social protection Volkov won the tender for the maintenance of election

Kuchma campaign. The campaign was formed in fact 3 of competing election Staff working for the election of Leonid Kuchma: Grigory Surkis, Viktor Medvedchuk, mainly engaged in financial obespecheniem; Leonid Derkach, Victor Pinchuk Foundation, engaged in the processing of the administrative apparatus, and election technologies (with the help of image-makers invited Russian); and A.Volkov-I.Bakaya, engaged in the strategy and the expansion of the camp of opponents. The basis of the strategy of the electoral headquarters headed by A. Volkov was nedopustit second round Oleksandr Moroz as a candidate acceptable to the largest number of voters (left, center, and partly on the right), and output in the second round either Petro Symonenko, or Natalia Vitrenko, unable unite anyone, except the left.

After the election Pustovoitenko not without influence A.Volkov ostavku was sent to, and has become the new prime minister, Viktor Yushchenko (right from A.Volkov not dependent, but supported them).

NW Foundation conducted a major operation to collect signatures for a referendum to amend the Constitution. In January 2000, he was skeptical of the idea of ??the creation of Mikhail Sirota deputy center-right majority, as soon as a supporter of the dissolution of parliament and early elections. January 18, 2000 the majority (11 fractions, 241 deputies) voted for the amendments to the regulations that would remove Alexander Tkachenko from the post of Speaker.

January 21, 2000 the majority voted for the removal of Alexander Tkachenko and Adam Martyniuk. In addition, the majority voted for it to be considered elected parliament not XIV by the Verkhovna Rada, and III-s Verkhovna Rada (counting from BP XII convocation, elected in 1990) in 1998.

Then Volkov actually led the majority (together with Leonid Kravchuk, who exercised political coordination) .1 February 2000, was elected the new speaker Ivan Plyushch (NDP), his first deputy - ally A.Volkov Viktor Medvedchuk (SDPU (o) second Vice-Speaker - A.Volkov protege Stepan Gavrish (DSU) .Ssorilsya with the journalist Georgy Gongadze shortly before the abduction of Gongadze in September 2000 (NY, 21.11.2000) .After the collapse of the November 2000 parliamentary right-centrist majority was one of the organizers of the pro-presidential the public Committee for the protection of the Constitution, which includes the DSU, Labor Ukraine, SDPU (u), the NDP and others.

April 26, 2001 voted for the resignation of Prime Minister Yushchenko. May 29, 2001 voted in favor of the president proposed the candidacy of Anatoly Kinakh as Prime Minister. In June 2001, the deputy Grigory Omelchenko, returning from a trip to the United States, said that Major Melnichenko, allegedly transferred US investigating authorities material evidence that President Leonid Kuchma accounts listed more than $ 1 billion, and that the money was transferred through a trusted person - Assistant Ukrainian oligarch Volkova (Kommersant, 06.08.2001)

In Russia Volkov associated with Roman Abramovich and Oleg Deripaska, he maintained a close relationship with Boris Berezovsky to 2000 (Top Secret, N4, 2001).

Relatively protected thesis in political science in 1998 expressed printed suggestions that he wrote it not himself.

He awarded the Order of Merit, 2 nd degree (February 2001).