Alexander Veshnyakov

Picture of Alexander Veshnyakov

Date of Birth: 11/24/1952

Age: 63

Place of birth: a. Baikalovo

Citizenship: Russia


In the circle of colleagues and close friends of Alexander Veshnyakov described as "very disciplined" man. Therefore, no one doubts that actively declared their slogan of "purity and transparency" of the upcoming elections are not empty words. His Veshnyakov with the most inherent "exceptional discipline" to implement.

One of the friends of Alexander Veshnyakov once said about him: "As the girls with him, I would not go, and in the intelligence - easily."

As a child, Alexander Veshnyakov dreamed of becoming a pilot. But given the fact that he was born and raised in a small village of Arkhangelsk Baikalovo (to the White Sea on the doorstep, only 15 kilometers away), his fate with time "edit". In addition, parents were hereditary fishermen. Even met almost in the sea - the fishing cooperative, where his mother worked Veshnyakov. So family tradition Sasha went into sailors, arrived in Arkhangelsk Merchant Navy - at the time the most prestigious in the USSR Nautical School. The contest was a corresponding 12 people in place. Quiet, sedate "White Sea" (so called Veshnyakov at the school) immediately appointed komsorgom company.

His friend and comrade in the college Vyacheslav Budyto recalls: "Komsomol it was good not flaming Oleg Mishka, and a seasoned, solid Kept strictly apart in carousing never participated and looked older than his age in the evenings, during the self,... other guys would try to fool around, make noise. he`s always prepared lessons. it seems that he always knew what he wanted from life. "

Arkhangelsk morehodki then famous for the brutal discipline. The elders among the "grandfathers" belabour green greenhorns freshmen to the fullest. During the night can wake up three times and send students to wash latrine only for the fact that someone is wrong shoes were. Veshnyakov happily avoided such a fate. His shoes were always correct.

The severance Sasha went to the mother only. To do this he had to ski to move to the opposite bank of the Northern Dvina. Neither more nor less - five kilometers.

It is said that Alexander A. had no one drove a strong friendship was in itself. And of course, today the issue of close friends Veshnyakov just shrugs.

But the secret detractors Alexander Veshnyakov were carried out. Some irritated his difference from all the others. Others he simply jealous. Especially since he was a member of the so-called elite of the box. Specially selected, perfect in texture - tall and lean - the students were a fixture of various ideological activities. Demonstrated the power and the glory of the Soviet Navy, formation marching in front of the stands of party leaders during the festive demonstrations.

The same Vyacheslav Budyto jokingly says: "When I became the doyen company, I often have the desire to deprive Veshnyakov severance, but he never gave me a reason.".

After School - a straight road to work in the North Sea Shipping. On ships and in distant lands. Being Ship, Veshnyakov walked half the Earth. Western Europe, North Africa, Canada. What is your most vivid memory of youth sailor - "watch dog". When intrude into the service I had four in the morning. The most difficult was to overcome sleep and get up himself. And so every day.

By the time Alexander Veshnyakov has already married, he had a daughter. Unbearably drawn ashore. So when he was asked to do public work - become komsorgom Company, agreed. Such political workers on the ships called commissioners.

- Usually on the ideological front left people who are not professionally - says Vyacheslav Budyto.- order not to throw the person to fend for themselves (which could still be served with sea diploma?), He was transferred to the bank. In Veshnyakov professionally it was all right. He had risen to second engineer - to the rank of chief engineer on the doorstep. So he chose. But in fact he was an ideological comrade, correct this.

It is said that initially this iz-za orthodox to principled Veshnyakov strongly resented friends. As Alexander A. became the secretary of the city committee of the Archangel, to him, like the apples at harvest, fell familiar with the request "to better employ them." Veshnyakov replied no and said: say, I have a wife of an agent of the Pension Fund operates. (By the way, the law Veshnyakov extends to their children: his son graduated from the Vocational School, daughter - Institute of Marine Transportation.)

Veshnyakov public career was swift. In Arkhangelsk, he first tried his hand as the organizer of the elections of People`s Deputies of the USSR, as a secretary of the district election commission.

- I`m not making any illusions about my current activities, - says Alexander A.. - But then, in Arkhangelsk, was a very powerful struggle. It was 1989, and the elections were held on an alternative basis for the first time - their heads faced henchmen party authorities and candidates emerging democratic forces. Following the elections, many just saying thank you for an honest election campaign. And even those who are lost, the court did not go.

But big Veshnyakov first distinguished himself at the dawn of perestroika, when the few signed a letter directed against big party boss - the first secretary of the Arkhangelsk regional party. Who was charged with "failure to carry out democratic reforms in the party work" and asked to leave the workplace on their own. The story is familiar and friends Veshnyakov retold to each other with a big surprise: a quiet-quiet, and watch a minute ...

The white-stone Veshnyakov moved in 1990 - won in Arkhangelsk alternative elections and became a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. Although he was a communist, he began to actively attend meetings and newly-liberal at that time, "Democratic Russia". "Democratic Russia" even supported his candidature for the post of deputy chairman of the Council of the Republic.

But it seems, while Alexander A. are not yet fully-bye to a cursed Communist past. In February 1991, he was among the six deputies (the famous "six": Goryachev, Abdullatipov, Isakov, Isaev, Syrovatko) was the opposition to Yeltsin and addressed him a letter with a proposal to resign as chairman of the Supreme Council. And he earned a reputation as a man who promoted the coup.

After his victory, Boris Yeltsin, slowly but surely deprived the rebels of all posts. Now Alexander A. When asked about the relationship with the government and the president in particular, he was somewhat annoyed: "If kto-to believes that once condemned man for kakuyu-to position, I do with it will not work - it`s extremism and savagery, I quite peculiar. and that position, which is Yeltsin sticks now, I pretty deep. I just like the president, with both hands holding fair elections. "

After leaving the post of deputy chairman of the Council of the Republic after the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, Alexander Veshnyakov to 1994 he worked as an advisor in the Ministry of Transport. Until his old friend on parliamentary activities in the Armed Forces, Nikolai Ryabov did not offer to join the emerging, radically new - not Soviet but Russian - Election Commission.

- Weighing, I decided to accept. For me it was much more interesting than what I did in the ministry, - admitted one Veshnyakov.

It is said that Yeltsin did not give pleasure to know that his recent enemy becomes a member of such an important electoral body. But the impact on the situation of the president for some reason could not. Or did not want to.

Since March 1994 Veshnyakov worked in the CEC expert, then as a consultant and was responsible for the preparation and passage of the law on elections to the State Duma. It was then when egoaktivnom participation adopted a law on the basic guarantees of electoral rights. Alexander Veshnyakov is very proud of what was behind the formation of a new legal framework. The one on which the entire election process Russia holds today.

But not everyone in the House reacted to the appearance of Veshnyakov in the CEC with the same enthusiasm as he did. Deputies from among democratically minded initially embraced Alexander A. suspiciously.

Victor Sheynis, Deputy Assembly of "Yabloko" faction, member of the Committee on Legislation and Judicial-Legal Reform, "the CEC at the time opposed the adoption of the law on public control. His goal was to make choices is extremely transparent and open. We were afraid that Veshnyakov as an official representative of the CEC will we resist. But we in it were wrong. in 1995, I Veshnyakov were invited to the program "one on one." I accused the CEC that it is a rare tenacity unresponsive State Duma on the results of the 1993 referendum. Instead of protecting the position of the Commission (it vse-taki employee structure), Veshnyakov said: "at that time I was not yet in the CEC, so I can not be held responsible for her actions." I was then pleasantly surprised that a person has his opinion and their position. "

This year, the CEC re-election were. Veshnyakov`s candidacy in the CEC voted almost all the deputies. If Veshnyakov predecessor Alexander Ivanchenko, many accused of undue bias and orientation of the Kremlin, in Veshnyakov appreciate the impartiality and neangazhirovannost. Sheynis According to the deputy, "Now listen to the voice of the CEC."

Alexander A. famously got down to business. The first thing he said about the need to tighten the election law - to make it easier to control the financial flows of potential candidates, to update the legal framework and to establish a measure of responsibility of the candidates who have violated the law. "One punish - will discourage others", - said Alexander A..

Veshnyakov threatened reprisals to those nimble and zealous, who climbs into the thick of the forward Batko. We are talking about the candidates who are not waiting for the official start of the election campaign in full twist their campaign commercials on the central TV channels. (However, it was ahead of the president, who has grumbled about the winter Yuri Luzhkov election start something like: "Here`s some began before the time nothing - people will see through them.".)

In general, the new head of the Central Election Commission is set up very strongly. And Boris Yeltsin is no public criticism of Alexander Veshnyakov did not express. Probably, all is right companion.