Alexander Peskov

Picture of Alexander Peskov

Date of Birth: 02/13/1962

Age: 54

Place of birth: Koryazhma

Citizenship: Russia

The philosophy of love Alexander Peskov

Author: Tatiana Alexeeva

Website: Celebrities

"to Ride" with the girl ...

- Sasha, you`re not afraid to spoil your image, admitting sentimentality?

- I do not think that sensuality and reverie are not peculiar to the stronger sex, and another thing that someone is afraid to admit it - but it`s more of a spiritual limitations. In adolescence, because everyone dreams of romantic travel, pure love, about the exploits, finally. Why do with age, these dreams turn into useless crap?

- What are you dreaming?

- Of course, about love: Do not believe it, but the first erotic sensations I experienced somewhere in the year - I can not say what it was due, but do remember that I was sitting in a wheelchair. I now generally surprised how grown-up I treated erotica in early childhood, perhaps in a previous life I was a great ladies` man, and it remains somewhere in the depths of the subconscious. I remember I was about four years, the whole family gathered around the television and watched the girls figure skating. On the ice, spun another athlete - short skirt, athletic figure: Suddenly I say: "Ah, now would this girl here!". I see parents with surprise and embarrassment mouths opened, and I continue to justify himself: "Well, I mean, to go skating." Dancing woman and I now very excited - this is the height of perfection: plastic and tenderness. At the same time in the four years I suffered the first love I began to rush to a kindergarten, endlessly smoothed her hair and looking for an excuse to touch his beloved. The feeling was unanswered, and I probably would have suffered and to the school, if we had not moved, and my mother did not transferred me to another kindergarten. Then I went to school, and as soon as I has managed to fall in love at the same time the two girls. One was my classmate, was sitting at a nearby desk, and my desire to be closer expressed that every lesson I slightly pushed the her desk in her direction. In the end, the teacher noticed that the passage between the two parties became too narrow, and transplanted me into the other end of the class. Somehow once interest classmate I lost. Another object of my adoration was a girl a year older - we met after school ...

- You wore her briefcase, chocolates treated and protected from bullies, and you wake flew: "Tilly-boiled-dough, the bride and groom?"

- In the usual sense of the word, I have not cared for it, we played in the same company, and my sympathetic friend we adapt to a situation where I could have hugged her casually or even kiss. But, apparently, and that love was not mutual, because more children to play she did not go. But I dreamed, dreamed of a family, and enjoyed the beautiful relationship own dreams. I was never a fighter, not won the girls did not beat them in others. Therefore most of their loves I experienced in dreams: a walk with her mentally, mentally kissed and even slept mentally. In a rather early childhood I have pursued a dream - the girl: clean and ephemeral, without any specific facial features. I could almost feel the heat emanating from her, tenderness and care. With age, the dreams became more erotic, barbed murashlivymi. This girl from a dream - my ideal, which I`m looking for all my life, it is delicate, beautiful, kind, understanding, sincere: But attracted me, for some reason, most evil woman - sexy and bold bitch, I understand that this is only the call of the flesh that our relationship will not last, that the time would come when people will have the feeling to pull themselves out of the pain, but I still vyaznu in such women.

Vyaznu in vice

- So you admit that the more you love a bitch, what are the type of women so attractive?

- Bitch - a shark, pike, predator and it potrebitelnits, it uses your care, your attention, happy to accept gifts and services, but she does not do anything. It counts all their affection and demands on you retribution for each. At the stage of the conquest of a woman you feel the excitement, because you are a man, strong, you do not have to reach the top, and the most difficult of them, like a medal hero. During this time, you get used to his beloved bitchy, it becomes a native and favorite, and the more you spend on it effort and money, so it is more expensive to you. When a bitch, you squeezed like a lemon, both financially and emotionally, throws, he spotted a new victim, you, together with the pain and the hurt you feel lack of adrenaline. So I love to bitch - a kind of kind of extreme sports such as motor racing or skydiving. I often got to bitch, funny is that these persons I see at once, but every time I try to convince myself that this is not so, that`s it, this girl would be good that it`s just trying to behave like a bitch to please: But all over again.

- Most of these women you throw it or you?

- I did not keep such statistics. Usually, I have a lot of evidence to convince myself that it was time to leave, I have a very long time trying to justify the girl, looking for a good reason why she does that to me. It`s like that push back the death penalty, or the day of the return of debts - pull - do not wait, and the terrible moment comes still: So I do not expect that she left me - I leave myself. I am suffering terribly, I blame myself because I`m somebody hurts, it hurts me a hundred times. I can not say that I am very picky about the women: if you do not know how to cook - I will feed you if you do not want to get out - I`ll do it myself; most of my life I have lived alone and copes with all the household chores. I need sincerity, ability to listen to me, understand that I want my fiancee looked at me with sparkling eyes, and not counted in his beautiful head, but with me, you can tear off. I appreciate a woman`s natural childishness, so she kept the desire to look at the sky, the stars, enjoy nature and somehow transmit their enthusiasm from what he saw, so she was able to be surprised ...

Romance natural disaster

- Have you retained the ability to surprise a woman, for her to do crazy things ...?

- What is the act of a madman? Now is not the time to, breaking a thousand miles on horseback, killed a dozen guards, risked his life to steal a favorite of the castle. For some insane act - give a woman an expensive fur coat or a white Mercedes. But if you have such huge money - then what is this madness, this mercantile spirit, the temptation to women that you can be it is useful: If you refuse many of his egoistic qualities and completely dissolve in a woman, if you instead go a business meeting or even a shooting that feed you as tied sit at home in the doorway and listened to the noises outside the door - waiting for her - it`s crazy: I remember a few years ago in Moscow was raging hurricane, flying, circling in the air billboards, trees just curl up by the wind and rain looked as if an ocean rolled. All huddled in their homes, and even turn off the light, avoiding lightning. And we with my girl dancing in the rain waltz besilis and splashed through the puddles - that feeling of happiness, fury, self-cleaning and madness I never felt ...

- Are you romantic!

- I think: I just managed to keep a child`s recklessness and sincerity. I`m in my childhood dream to fly. We Syzran, where I was born, it was a helicopter school. I have noticed that students in a beautiful form with very great interest to watch the girls. Become an officer`s wife at the time was considered prestigious, so my choice was quite clear: to like girls and dissect the expanse of the heavens. In general, I was very eager to experience, I wanted to try everything, I went to school the young astronauts engaged in so many sports, I have mastered several musical instruments, propaganda team traveled to the district ...

- How did it happen that you exchanged the sky on the stage?

- We were brought to the city the movie "The Three Musketeers", before the show performed Igor Starygin - miss this, I could not. I listened to his fascinating story about the actor`s life, about the shooting and "sick" movie. Probably somewhere it was destined, not for nothing that I was so eager to fly to the stars. The profession of pilot and actor are very similar: the same romanticism, the same adrenaline, the same desire to "get off the ground," a real flight of the soul.

Bed and the scene is not the same thing

- Only now flying iron machine always planned, and what will be the result of creative flight can not be predicted - do you have a way to make room?

- Commitment. The more I`m in the beginning of the play will send energy into the room, the more I get back. Also in the relationship of man and woman, when a man loves, he yearns for love in return, and the more passion, tenderness, care he gives to his chosen one, the more chances he has to "infect" her with his feelings. I do not believe in altruistic love, it`s still a feeling of selfish and loving each relies on the response, as well as every actor waiting for the recognition of the public.

- Before to be in the theater of Pushkin, you changed several theatrical stage, you are like the fish that is looking for, where it is deeper ..?

- I graduated from Moscow Art Theatre School in the same year, when the Moscow Art Theatre split. All the young people had gone to Ephraim, so I was invited to Doroninoj to several leading roles - here I became youth. Then I began to rehearse in Ephraim: At this time I began a period film and theater work had to leave. Then I felt a kid could drop everything and go nowhere - I was sure that I have many more to come. I could easily call to the popular director asking me to look for his new production of ...

- To Viktyuk did you get that?

- I accidentally hit on the play "The Maids" and was shocked by his colorful and unusual. Then he went to the "M. Butterfly" and realized that I wanted to work with the director. We were a little familiar - Viktyuk Doroninoj put in a performance in which I was busy, and I decided to myself to remind the director. Oddly enough, but Roman G. I remembered and began almost immediately to introduce me to the job - the season I played in "straw" and "M. Butterfly". And then I was offered a very disgusting character, I rehearsed a month, but could not overcome an aversion to it, and refused. This apparently offended Viktyuk, and I was left without a job.

- Do not become the reason for breaking your personal relationships? Rumor has it that a long work Viktyuk only his lovers ...

- When I went to him, I was totally up to the lantern, which he sexual orientation, I was just working conditions and "sleep," I do not staged. Viktyuk smart enough man not to offer a close relationship to someone who obviously does not accept them. I do not know if he saw me in a sexual object, but for me it is immediately noticeable that I`m "from another pension". People just shake hands, and it becomes clear what kind of relationship they have to each other permit.

Fatal matches

- The play "M. Butterfly" ended in tragedy for two actresses, superstitious fear you visited?

- I know that the fate of everyone is sealed from the top, so it makes no sense to be afraid of what is going to happen will happen anyway. The only thing I would not lie down in a coffin and lowered into the grave - it is unpleasant. There are works that are not safe to play. Here it is important to play, not to live events, as if watching the scene through the thick glass, so as not to wake up the bad energy. I started to rehearse "The Queen of Spades." One day, going home, I passed the room and drew the attention of artists that are on the table three cards "3", "7", "Ace" and "Do not play with the fate of" next to a sign. On this night, I sit down behind the wheel, a little drunk, and very much a car smash. I do not know if I`m rehearsing, became a magnet for bad events, whether that happens in life is somehow identified with the role of ...

- Drunk drivers, regardless of Spades risks. But the stage had to go out drunk?

- I put this experiment, thinking that this will help to open a second wind, the other attitude. Alcohol really change the perception of space, but apparently I was wrong dose, together with emancipation "including brakes": the body of late, the text is stuck in my head.

exam at the institute of marriage

- Many actors say that it is impossible to play on the stage of love, if you`re not in love with your partner. You have the case of "office romances"?

- We must not love the actress, and the game that you`re playing with it - not to be confused with the process of experiences and views. If I worry about everything that happens to my characters, I`ll get in a psychiatric hospital - I just imagine what could happen in a given situation with them. A "office romances" with me usually occurred during the filming - the new woman, a new acquaintance, inevitable and a more intimate relationship. However, when shooting ends, interrupted and relationships - they initially assumed as fleeting.

- You do not like women actresses?

- No, I just do not know how to cook them, ha! I do not care, the woman refers to the world of art or not. My first wife was actress - we got married at the insistence of my friends, who did not give the rest that I thirty years remained free, and lived for two years. His second wife was very far from my profession - and the marriage lasted only five months. It is important with whom to live, and as important in understanding the relationship and not a profession. I absolutely do not care what she did for a living ...

- Even in prostitution?

- I did not say. There are moral rules and laws of nature - the trade body is beyond both of them.

- Why is a second marriage fell apart so fast, down to earth wife did not understand the creative nature?

- All voob slit happened in a strange way. We met in the subway - I got to know before transport, sometimes I was approached by a girl, because they learned begged to play, spoke about my work. Such love does not usually turn into novels, because I was not quite clear whether she sees me as a man, or a popular actor, with which it is possible to get something - many consider acting chic and carefree life. At this time, my friend pretended that I did not recognize - began a very eventful novel: intimacy, familiarity with the mother of the bride moving to me, Marsh Mendelssohn: I did nothing did not have time to figure out, and I was already congratulated on the fact that I will soon become Pope. I`m a man trusting, kind words at face value taking every whim wife happily fulfilled. And she enjoyed it and began to reap from my money. One evening coming home - no wife, gathered her things, some of my picked up and went to my mother and I left a note that files for divorce. I did not understand - what, why? I have a daughter that I have not seen, and which regularly pay child support - the wife with the mother is not too lazy to get information that I am the father and bypass all of my employers, to gather information about my income.

- After such a long marriage, you will shy away from registry offices.

- Terror in front of family ties and now I do not feel, I do not think marriage is something irrevocable, that if there was, there is no back stroke. In our country, the institution of marriage is perverted, and no one is immune from fraud.

- How do you feel about the fact that women often pretend to be pregnant to get married?

- So do only stupid women, they think that because of this little thing a man will begin to alter their usual life, and her life at the same time. I was one such person, she said that she was pregnant. Well, pregnant, very happy for you, and what`s next, you`re in the broadcast that you want me to do: build a house, plant a tree, to marry: I, perhaps, for you to decide? You thought I`ll immediately offer marriage? Are you with me to discuss it in advance, or she allowed herself to be pregnant - then it is your decision and your problem. Later, however it turned out that she had lied to me ...

Predator of their victims

- Or find another candidate to fathers: By the way, how do you feel about the past "exploits" his friends, jealous?

- I understand that a woman is never free, or she is someone, or it is someone - jealous of this stupid. If at the time we met a girl there is another, I give her the time to decide who she wants to stay. I prefer to immediately stop such a relationship than to be "second chair under her ass." In general, I am very jealous! This greatly complicates my life, because even if there is the slightest reason to be jealous, I`m painting these pictures, which would not have even dreamed of Othello. Naturally, my suspicion immediately reflected on the relationship that grows claims, like a snowball, which, in the end presses both of us.

- Are you able to hit a woman?

- I will not dissemble, but is capable of. I understand that it does not characterize me as a strong man, but if you provoke me, I can hang on.

- Search for the ideal woman inevitably associated with goodbyes. As you experience the next frustrated hope?

- When in a relationship there is no understanding and harmony, it is terribly exhausting, then parting - it is liberation. The first time I was not myself, I try to go into full operation. Somewhere a month old relationships burn out, and I`m ready for a new one. At this time, I love to dream, that is about to soon seeking a new girlfriend, she will be better earlier - this is the best period of creativity, because I`m free from their own emotions and the emotions of my characters eat. But very soon there comes a void: the past is gone, the future is not yet on the horizon, and I`m allowed to go to the search for another love. I now arrive in this state: the predator on the loose - it was a joke!

- Men like women to share the beautiful and clever. Who do you like more?

- It`s just that women share on blondes and brunettes, on the slim and plump - nonsense! I was discouraged, when an adult male, which occupies a certain position in the society says: "I love only long-legged blonde with a bust of the number five." Whom he himself chooses: a companion or a rubber doll for sex and demonstrations to friends? I do not believe that a beautiful woman can be stupid if God gave her a beautiful appearance, it certainly has given and the mind. She may be a lack of education, but the natural mind certainly is. I have seen good and bad women, but they were smart.

- In the pop genre parody works your namesake Alexander Peskov. Kazusnye history of this place?

- When Alexander appeared on the stage, I worked in the theater Doroninoj. I began to notice that the watchman is somehow strange looks at me, and then completely become congratulate me with "such a brilliant success." I thought maybe my grandfather saw the premiere. The inspiration came when the evening on TV I saw a performance of his namesake. How I laughed then! A little later I received a letter from relatives from the Far East. They have in the city hung posters: Speaker Alexander Peskov "Relatives, knowing that I am an artist, bought tickets and went to the concert Well, since it places went to the gallery, they all live in vain tried.." I "see and very surprised, that I suddenly changed the theater on stage. After the performance, they sent "me" bouquet of flowers with a note. that is probably Alexander Peskov was surprised that he had appeared in the Far East related. So when you need to get acquainted with the case "rodstvennichki".