Alexander Perepilichny

Picture of Alexander Perepilichny

Date of Birth: 1968

Age: 44

Citizenship: Russia

Death will find and abroad

Russian businessman, 44-year-old Alexander Perepilichny, held the main witness for `Magnitskogo` case, the alleged embezzlement of billions of rubles from the budget of Russia (Russian). Suddenly Perepilichny, who had no serious health problems, died in November of 2012. His body was found next to his mansion in Weybridge, district Elmbridzh, Surrey (Weybridge, Elmbridge, Surrey).

The fact of misappropriation of funds was set Sergei Magnitsky (Sergei Magnitsky), auditor of the British investment fund `Hermitage Capital`. Recall that Magnitsky died in jail hospital November 16, 2009-th. Perepilichny, a few years ago, escaped to the United Kingdom (UK), was the main accused of the case, and his testimony took advantage of Swiss prosecutors for the promotion of the scandal in the West. According to the fund `Hermitage Capital`, Russian businessman had evidence incriminating specific officials of the tax department in the transfer of budgetary funds in Swiss bank accounts.

It is not superfluous to remind that Perepilichny was the first and only person who helped the Swiss prosecutor`s office (Switzerland) disclose laundering scheme `gryaznyh` money. Whistleblowers allegedly gave the recording front companies, information on the status of bank accounts `Credit Suisse` details and real estate transactions. He, in fact, provoked anti-Russian hysteria, which culminated in the adoption of `Magnitskogo` list. Henceforth inconsiderate arbitrariness USA (USA) applies to any person on the planet, which for the first suspicions legislature can put in the `black vedomost`.

According to the businessman Vladlena Stepanova (Vladlen Stepanov), Perepilichnyyv last was his business partner. The latter left his native land because owes a lot of money Stepanov and another pile of creditors. Moreover, Stepanov says that part of its profits in the mining illegally usurped the late Alexander. Whatever it was, after escaping to England (England) Perepilichny sought asylum. Of course, it began an investigation that is not closed to this day. However, today `without trial` US Congress pushed through `` the law of Magnitsky, and came to the punishment of `` innocent.

As a witness against the criminal gang headed by Dmitry Klyuev (Dmitry Kluyev), former owner of the `Universal Savings Bank`, Perepilichny asked the` Hermitage Capital` fund in 2010. By March 2011, the prosecutor`s office of Switzerland froze funds to a number of suspicious accounts for inspection. After this turn informant Perepilichny might well not die a natural death. One of the deputies of the House of Commons of Great Britain called on Minister of Internal Affairs to throw all the forces out to determine whether the death was violent Russian businessman.

Today, the majority of publications in one voice trumpeting that Alexander Perepilichny the fourth round of the deceased persons, one way or another connected with the scam, which said Magnitsky. Perepilichny dropped dead `one of the safest streets in Velikobritanii`. Magnitsky died in jail after he was refused to extradite the drug allegedly needed to sustain his life. Valery Kurochkin (Valery Kurochkin), which the Russian authorities have tried to link to the scam, was found dead in Ukrainian airport. Finally, Kobeynikov Semen (Semen Kobeynikov) fell to his death after fell out of the window on the balcony.