Alexander Mihaylov

Picture of Alexander Mihaylov

Date of Birth: 05/10/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: village. Tin

Citizenship: Russia


Born October 5, 1944 in pos.Olovyannoe Chita region. Father - Yakov Baranov (1910 g.rozhd.). Mother - Stepanida Naumovna Mikhailov (1914 g.rozhd.). Wife - Musatov Vera K. (1945 g.rozhd.). Son - Mikhailov Konstantin (1969 g.rozhd.).

As a child purposeful man, Alexander Mikhailov received several specialties, after graduating from a vocational school. At the same time he wanted to connect his life with the Pacific Ocean and became a sailor. Later, put ashore, he worked in a factory as an electrician, then - in a sewing factory. Having got acquainted with the students of the Far Eastern University, he began to take part in the performances of the student theater of miniatures. Thus was born the desire to become an actor.

Having overcome a lot of life`s difficulties and obstacles, Alexander Y. realized his dream: in 1965 he enrolled at the Far East Institute of the Arts, and after graduation, in 1969, started playing in the Primorsky Regional Drama Theatre of Gorky (Vladivostok). A year later he moved to Saratov Academic Drama Theater, where he worked for 10 years. From 1980 to 1985 A.Ya.Mihaylov played in a Moscow theater im.Ermolovoy.

Among the theatrical works of Alexander Mikhailov such complex and multifaceted images of Russian and foreign classical repertoire, as Raskolnikov ( "Crime and Punishment," Fyodor Dostoyevsky), Prince Myshkin ( "The Idiot" Fyodor Dostoyevsky), Vershinin ( "Three Sisters "Anton Chekhov), Dr. Astrov (" Uncle Vanya "Anton Chekhov), Hector (" Heartbreak House "Shaw) and many others. Total artist performed at the theater more than 50 roles.

Since 1985, Alexander Mikhailov - Artist of the State Academic Maly Theater. Among the large creative successes Mikhailova on the Moscow stage of the oldest - Constantine ( "Children Vanyushina" S.Naydenova), James ( "Long Day`s Journey Into Night" Yu.O`Nila), Weiner ( "... And I will repay" S.Kuznetsova ) Khrushchev ( "Goblin" Anton Chekhov), Ivan the Terrible ( "Tsar Ivan the Terrible" AK Tolstoy), Dorn ( "The Seagull," Anton Chekhov). These images allow us to see that the artist has the widest range of creativity. His Tsar of All Russia John majestic even in its fall, in humiliation and repentance - by playing this role, Mikhailov reaches truly tragic heights, forcing the audience to experience the almost painful compassion for the repentant tyrant.

The doctor just Khrushchev, harsh, uncompromising, harsh - Mikhailov plays a man seeking to save nature from destruction, but not knowing how to confront violence in human relations. And it appears to us otherwise other Chekhovian doctor - Dorn, sad, ironic, wise life. Charismatic man who understands everything and everyone, nonikomu can not help - so we see Dorn by Alexander Mikhailov.

What explains this work? The talent of an artist who knows how to build a role with masterly precision and impeccable taste. I especially want to mention the serious, thoughtful approach to each role Mikhailova. So, working on the image of Ivan the Terrible, Alexander Mikhailov studied historical sources telling about this king, and came to the conclusion that the conventional wisdom about Ivan the Terrible as a bloodthirsty villain is wrong, and King John was a bright, outstanding personality of his time. This depression in history is reflected in the interpretation of the actor his role.

The huge popularity brought Mikhailov movie roles. He starred in the films "Coming", "Guys", "The Enchanted Wanderer", "Love and Pigeons", "Zmeelov", "Easy Money," "Risk - a noble cause," "Abduction" Savoy "," White Russian snow "and many others. All in all more than 50 artist`s works in the movies. With the greatest success Mikhailov played our contemporaries, a strong spirit of people who have solid kind. Especially memorable were his audience, Paul Zubov ( "Peasants"), Bob Kuzyakin ( "Love and Pigeons"), Paul Shorohov ( "Zmeelov"). participation itself Alexander Mikhailov - already a certain guarantee of success of the film.

For his role in the movie "Guys" actor was awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR. He also was awarded the Lenin Komsomol - "for talented embodiment of contemporary images in movies and high performance skills." Mikhailov has twice - in 1982 and 1986. - Marked as "Best Actor of the Year" for the execution of roles in the films "Guys" and "Zmeelov." Alexander Mikhailov repeatedly received awards at various festivals, diplomas of several organizations and ministries. In addition to acting, Mikhailov studied directing in the movie. He directed the film "Do not go."

Alexander Mikhailov is a frequent speaker to the audience with concert programs. Accompanying himself on guitar, he sings Russian songs, songs of the Civil War, Cossack folklore ... Alexander Y. engaged in collecting folklore of native places of travel. A love song to him, like many Siberians, from childhood: his father has taught Alexander to sing Cossack songs. Mikhailov Concert programs are very popular with the audience and always collect a full house.

Alexander Mikhailov loves Russian classical literature. Among his favorite poets and writers - Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Esenin, I.Ilin, Jack London, V. Rasputin, V.Shukshin, G.Shpalikov and others. Engaged in sports - volleyball, basketball, track and field athletics. Free time gives communion with nature.

Lives and works in Moscow.